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today, waxed clawmarks with CIS boots. the color is so unique under daylight

hector worn pic1.jpghector worn pic2.jpg

i really like the color of them in daylight, so far the best color of blue jawnz i've ever seen

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two more shots. sorry for posting so many pics on the same outfit

hector worn pic3.jpg

hector worn pic4.jpg

for anyone who is not sure if they are good or not.

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the outfits are good. Those waxed clawmarks are so great. Im surprised that KVA doesnt reissue them. Im sure they sold well.  I cant wait to see the new collection for aw12

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Yeh, me too. Hopefully LVR will send you your code when they get the 12aw collection.
How's the stacks on my waxed clawmarks? I found they are easily formed!!
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well theyre obviously done well. i find that waxed jeans stack better than non waxed

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funny t-shirt with bad-ass clawmarks lol


and some pics of my UMC


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Looking good Marcus. All you need now are some variation in shoes. I love Chucks, they're classic, but I would also invest in some chukkas or other casual boots like your CIS. Or maybe even some other nice sneakers, like converse by John Varvatos.
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Thank you for your advice:) I love converse by JV, but I love boots by JV himself more!! They look sooo sweet to me!
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Yeah leather hightop shoes are good for Dior Homme too
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I don't really know any brand making nice leather high-tops. Can you tell me some?
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After all these fit pics posted, do you guys think that sz27 is too long/baggy/tight for me?
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Originally Posted by Marcus0528 View Post

After all these fit pics posted, do you guys think that sz27 is too long/baggy/tight for me?

It's perfect bro.
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Wow, such pretty sneakers!!!!! But the price is as much as a pair of jakes haha
Thanks, Baltimore. Glad you like them
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wow those are amazing. too bad I wont own them. i only pay big money for denim

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Big money only for denim+1 here.
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Lanvin, Common projects, John Varvatos (not the converse), YSL & Dior Homme sneakers are excellent to match the dior homme jeans

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Luxury brands :O I love YSL sneakers, but when I'm available to buy them, I'll end up getting another pair of DIORs lol
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Hahaha same story here. I used to buy expensive shoes, but it's been already 3 years now I haven't bought any shoes above 150euro. All the money goes to jeans.

I try to buy stuff in outlet or on sale. For example I have bought these for almost 50% off http://www.eleganza-outlet.nl/shop/heren/alles/302912/#.T8NK2NU9XJo icon_biggrin.gif

or what do you think about this dutch brand:
Only 140 euro. Haven't bought those but bought instead low-top ones from the same brand for 130eu.

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man jean, i got to say you look good in those diors.


i'm looking at getting another pair other than my mij raws....


have my eyes on work a day

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i checked blue claws at the dior store here today. i dunno there are MII claws!!! i saw them n' i took some pics of the tags. the ref codes are very different from mine and the claws there are apparently from 12SS. so i guess i had the claws from earlier seasons plus mine are MIJ. thank god i didn't get some MII claws or i'll cry (as i tried them on, MIJ claws are perfect and MII claws are crap) i wonder if claws will be MII in the coming seasons. that'll be SOOOO BAD -.-凸 I mean, CLAWS SHOULD ALWAYS BE MIJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

Oh and YSL sneakers are BAD ASS. I have mine eyes on these for years


i like the white ones better haha. love these from the bottom of my heart, but i love jeans too much...

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The brands Sheva mentioned are all good. Kris van Assche also makes cool shoes.

Why are MII claws crap?
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Claws are MIJ every past season. Waxed, unwaxed, blue, black, bleu Claire, ALL MIJ. Perhaps MII claws are... Weird. I dunno, ask jeanetic if he'll ever buy MII claws. I think that's the same when it comes to Raws, we'd like to get MIJ rather than MII. there's no huge reason just you know in some case, MIJs are always better than MIIs.
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