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i'd say it's not that easy to find them in "okay" condition or in the right size. they are fully stretched out the time i tried them on and i really don't want to soak them bcuz that'll unwax them.

as you can see, they are about half size bigger :( dude, i don't wanna sell them but they are not in my actual size. not too far from my size tho.

trust me, you'll find them in your size soon. i will eye on them for you here. there are bunches of them here in asia (mostly pre-owned) i'll PM you when i see something right for ya. i think you are size 29, right?

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sometimes im a 29. In my other clawmarks im 29. most mij is 29 for me

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yep, then they are 29 for ya. don't worry bout them unless they are heavily worn... you won't even look at them if they are. i'm looking for two pair of DIORs now.

1. 04ss "strip" bleu clair (unwaxed) i know the waxed ones are so renowned, i still love them unwaxed

2. 07 UMC F19  what? second pair? i'm crazy i know. the wash is crazy as well

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oh, jeanetic. i gotta apologize to you cuz i was wrong bout my UMCs. they are MII but ONLY be sold in Japan. the code on them was "7E3110610197" they are Bas17.5. and unfortunately i can't find the second pair of them. so rare they are

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WTF i just found a pair of 07UMC bas17.5 W27 in superbly great condition in Japan selling for 670 bucks. shit i want them so bad!!!!!! what should i do? judging from my fit pics in them, do you think they worth that much?

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I'd pay 550 for 17.5 in excellent condition. If I didn't have an infant I'd pay 625
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haha!! what a sweet dad:) baby first!!

i decided to go for them against all odds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no matter what!! i'm a maniac now. i really didn't expect i can pull off some Bas17.5s in w27 and they accidently fit me nicely. the wash is really too stunning. so good IRL that make me wanna screamroll2.gif i should stop after buying this pair... yeh, hopefully

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Yeah I don't see that happening. Dior Homme should offer rehab for its addicts
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Luckily, jakes are elastane jawnz or i'm a dead man now
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Those wax jeans are f'ing awesome!

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Thank you, Baltimore:) glad ya show up here!! I disappeared from WDAYWT these weeks cuz I'm mostly wearing DIORs recently. Keep in touch bro!! Did I tell ya I love your hemmed thavars? I love them do much!! They stack like insanely:) keep rocking them bro
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I meant I love them so much! Shitty iPhone...
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Thanks for the nice words dude! Yeah I'm checking this and the other thread once in a while, and I must say the older dior jeans are very cool!


I hope they will come with those bad ass washes in 2-3 years, so I have time to get rich & buy some :p

Because you already said it, thanaz thavar got a huge opening leg which I don't like it that way... and I'd rather have not tapering all my jeans..


Yeah bro, with shoes they even stack better! 16cm 16.5cm is the best opening leg for stacking !

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Yes, definitely. I really need 16cm leg openings to stack my jawnz. I can't stand jawnz with HUGE leg openings.
I guess that's why they are called slim jawnz. 1cm can change everything. 1 more cm on leg opening, that would be like boot cut
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Jeanetic, if you wanna buy work a day, size up 2. They are as tight as leggings in the crotch especially. The leg part is super f'ing tight as well. I can easily pull off UMC 07 bas17.5 in W27, but I can't even pull Off bas17.5 work a day in W28... I had to try w29 so I can find a way in. Those are so tight that they hurt my really bad that time. Ask for measurements from LVR before you order. They are insanely tight!!!
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yeah im waiting one response from them now. thanks for the heads up. i just bought rack rail 17.5 off ebay. paid $384 for them. if workaday is too similar then i wont get workaday

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Leave workaday. They are nothing better than RRP. you bought RRP with 384 bucks?????? Lucky you;)
Post pics NOW!! I can't wait
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I will post pics as soon as they arrive. I just won them on eBay yesterday. I may take both who knows!

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Does a pair of 04ss f19 nonwaxed bleu Clair clawmarks worth 800usd?? I mean, I want them, but those are TOO OFF BUDGET... I will have to deliver drugs to buy them haha JK.
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oh wow I wouldnt pay $800 for any used wash

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I wore my Dior twill jeans three days ago and my raws yesterday


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I love the Raws with those boots. SUPER CLASSY
I guess I won't pay that much for those bleu clairs, too. I bought another pair of 07UMCs Bas17.5 in W27 from Japan today. They'll arrive in two weeks, so I'll post some pics of my new UMCs then.
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another pair? What are you doing with the first? cant wait to see the fit

I got my rack rails in today. They are perfect. Ill post pics later

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I'm breaking into the first pair actually. And I wanna keep my second pair in great condition. As you can see, we hardly find 07UMCs nowadays. (especially in Bas17.5) I don't know, this happen to me when I love a wash too much:( I'm gonna stop buying after this pair:P
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Jeanetic love those raws.  How long have you had them?  Have you given them a wash yet?  I imagine it's only light wear, since you've got such a broad collection to rock.


BTW--have those Blue Twills, too.  At first I was wearing them all the time, but they've fallen out of my rotation.  What's your feeling on them, overall?

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