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What's the difference between a normal Diesel Store and a Flagship Store?

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A flagship store carries the entire collection for that region. The London and Milan store carry all items for the European market. Same goes for the 5th avenue store in the US and so on.
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seeing yours and tookwick4ya's pictures of the Thavar 75G drives me crazy =(( because I have to choose between Thavar 75G and Diesel Black Gold Excess 8BT. They're all limited edition. And one good thing about Thavar 75G that is it's only $295 while the DBG is arroung $680

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Dude DBG 8BT is just a whole another class! 75G is nothing compared to that. If you can afford the 680$, I would definitely get the dbg

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If you can, get both. If not, I would say go for 8bt first since it is more rare than 75g.
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For anyone who might be interested.


I had a call yesterday from Selfridges and they have released another limited edition Thavar (presumeably all over the world, but I am in the UK). Not sure if it is a re-release of the 75G wash but the store have got them on hold for me in my size (Selfridges in London).


I visit in the next couple of days. If it is the same wash I will post more info here. If not, I will set up a new thread, hopefully with some fit pics. (They will have to be horrific for me not to get them). Oh yeah, and they are priced at £210.

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Keep us in the loop leftvapor! Very interested in this!
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Oh man. Was going to save some money since nothing I really like this season. I guess this might change that.
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are they worth to get ?? I might ask for a pair.

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If someone search an thavar 75g france
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I would be interested by the French edition depending on the price of course :-)

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As far as I know there are only 5 versions (UK, USA, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong)

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French edition sold..
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I just ordered a pair in W30 for myself. and they are half price as well lol. £105. nice.

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