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Thavar US / 75G Pics & Fit

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These arrived from the 5th Ave Store today.. I thought I would share since there aren't many pics of 75G around. I bought these in regular Thavar size, and I feel they fit a little looser than 8X2. The wash kind of reminds me of a more intense version of 71B.. I like it. Please excuse my mess of a room.


75G facts I thought I would add to clarify some questions being asked...

- The limited edition 75g are available in all(?) Diesel Flagship stores around the world since around mid-Feb(?).

- Retailed for $330 USD after shipping and tax in the US.

- They are size 31/32L, fit fairly true to Diesel size (17" waist aligned).

- You can call and make phone orders if there isn't a flagship store around you.








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Very nice rizzice, excellent fit and cool wash. They look to me like a mix between the 74Y and 880R but in a good way.
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nice, you wear it cool!

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I don't wear skinny jeans but it looks really nice on you.

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those are fantastic I want those how much? 

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$330 after tax and shipping.

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Love that one rizzice. Can you tell me the waist aligned measurement? Thanks.
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They are 31s and measure around 17" with the waist aligned brand new. Pretty true to Diesel sizing.

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Your pair looks a lot more faded/white in the contrast areas than the pair I received, have you washed them yet? Mine seem to have more subtle fading similar to the 74y wash. Yours almost remind me of my 8ne's lol

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Also, rizzice what's your height/weight if you don't mind me asking? I'm between a size 30 and 31W in Thavar, and went with a 30 for this wash. It looks like you could have sized down one as well based on the side profile pic you posted above. I kind of laughed when I saw your pics cause I wore pretty much the exact same thing as you today, even your shoes look similar to my common projects tournaments! icon_eek.gif

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They are brand new unwashed.. I dunno they look pretty similar to most pics of 75G I've seen. I was under the impression that 74y was pretty contrasty already. I can assure you they are pretty different than like 8NEs though.. for comparison here are some fit pics of me in 8NE back when I owned a pair: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/191626/thavar-8ne-fit-pics-great-jeans


I don't think I could have sized down.. the last shot is actually bad because my leg is still recovering from surgery and is significantly smaller than my other leg. I gotta do more physical therapy icon_rolleyes.gif But these 31s feel like they fit perfect to me so long as they don't stretch like crazy. I'm like 5'9 155 lbs or so...

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Don't think they will stretch much since it's a pretty thick denim.

Thanks for the measurements rizzice. I think my 30s is only about 16 aligned. I have to redo to make sure. But Im glad I got the 30 instead of 31 now.
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Look fantastic! I'll order one pair at the store in Milano. Can you tell me the length (inseam) measurement, please? Thanks.

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^ i think its only available in 32L. i might be wrong though.

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31x32 thavar...dammit thats my size. how much did u pay for them? apparently there are NONE in vancouver, canada :(

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I really want these.  I don't know if I can talk myself into paying that much...even though I'm sure they're worth it.

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@rizzice: Can you tell me the length measurement (inseam), please? Thanks a lot

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I don't know how to measure inseam correctly. I just know that it's 32L and true to Diesel length.


Are any jeans really worth that much.. sometimes I wonder o.o but as long as we're happy :)

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Hey guys!!!! Apparently Thavar 75G is not only exclusive to USA. Just got back from HK flagship and they actually have the HK version. Everything is identical to US but instead of US flags it's HK flag and on the right thigh seam there's a "HK" stitched on.

Here's quick photo from the store, the photo link not working via iPad so here's the link.


But it's more expensive than US.. It's $2900HKD which is around $390.
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Yeah, bro, we already had pictures of Milan and tokyo versions :) So all flagship store have them, all countries (?)

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That is one fucking nice wash! I agree with you rizzice, they do remind me of 71b but are

definitely more intense and interesting. They are hard to find.  Enjoy them man.

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Crap... I am so slow.... Didn't know!
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Didn't saw them in the Paris flagship.... :/

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Saddock, that's because Paris doesn't have a flagship store.

Also, can I phone the London flagship store(it's the closest one to me) and ask them to ship a pair to Ireland? Can they do that?
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Saddock, that's because Paris doesn't have a flagship store.
Also, can I phone the London flagship store(it's the closest one to me) and ask them to ship a pair to Ireland? Can they do that?


I think it's possible..  I don't see why they wouldn't ship internationally so long as you pay the shipping fees. I would say give it a shot.


You might have to be prepared to pay some customs fees though, not really sure how that works in other countries.



Also...someone trade me Thavar-JAPAN! =P

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