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Tepphar N.E. 800E Jogg Jeans Fit Pics and Review

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Tepphar Jogg frontTepphar Jogg back



Okay, so these are awesome. I never imagined that pants like these could exist. Check out the wash! Sorta 8NE-ish but darker with no rips or tears. Also, these are true blue--as in, there is no green, yellow, brown, ANYTHING. They are a true, clean indigo wash (by contrast, the Krooley Joggs from this season are nice and yellow/green with a good amount of dirty). Pics are pretty true to real color. Obviously the most comfortable Diesels in my rotation, Joggs are totally worth the money.


They are fashion pants so that means Diesel decides your inseam for you. I went with my regular size (28w) and found them to be near-perfect in length with a slight sacrifice in a loose waist. My local store (Newbury St. Boston, MA) didn't have any smaller sizes for me to try. I picked up the Krooleys in a 26 and found the waist to be comparable to the Tepphars but considerably shorter in the inseam. The drawstring does a good enough job so these are designed to be loose. But the 26's fit so much slimmer than even the 27's that I had to go with that. The Krooley's deserve their own thread...


Back to the Tepphars. They feel like my 8W3's with wayyyyy extra stretch. Nice fit that is faithful to other Tepphar cuts with that lovely 'sweats' feel. Even though the fabric is thick and sweatpant-y, they seem to stack nicely! The only visual drawback for me is the loose-butt effect that this material gives in the back pockets. People seem to hate the drawstring and waistline that almost looks like ruching when tied, but the fun is in the fact that they're not conventional jeans. I show it off just so I can talk about them!


Tepphar Jogg front a


Verdict: 4.5/5 FANTASTIC! How good are these?! I wear them more than I should. They fit like a Tepphar should, I recommend staying with regular size for the extra length, fuzzy back pockets seem unavoidable with Joggs, but we're nitpicking at this point. Grab em while you can folks, they're awesome.

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good review. I like the BPX wash the best though. I am selling mine until I Diesel gets a Thavar jogg with that wash or something similar. I dont like the fit in the crotch area of this cut though.

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Great review thx! That Jogg jean looks awsome n perfect fit to u.

Btw do you mind leting me know how much tht Tepphar jogg coast?


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i think they were 300 USD.

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nice, love the review!

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Cool pics and wash, but yeah that fit at the crotch seems a little weird.

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it's almost like there's too much fabric. can't beat em when you're sat on a plane though!

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should i do more of these fit pic review things or is it a bit of a waste of time? lol...

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My boyfriend usually wears a 30 in Diesel jeans but they are out of the size for the jogg jeans.. should i get a 28 or 34.. or neither?

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28 or even 26, though then they really might be too short. DEFINITELY do not size up in these.

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Hello, Usually i take size 28 in krooley... Do you think That is better i take size 30 for the tepphar ? Thanks a lot
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I wear Tepphar NE in my biggest Diesel size... I'm usually w31 in jeans and w32 in Tepphar NE fits me great. I would size down only in Krooley NE, I have to sold my w32 Krooley 800A NE, they were too big.

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Yes tepphar-ne definitely needs to size up. Don't know why autodafe said not to.
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Yah - I tried on a pair in 28's and all my Tepphar is in 28's and brand new they are tight.... I sorta regret not buying the larger size tho since its only $130CAD...







I would much prefer the fit of Autodaf above, a bit looser... perhaps these will stretch out to fit like his photos above??

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^ my pair didn't stretch at all.

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Sup guys,

getting a pair of Krooley NE603, it'd be my first pair of jogg and Krooley,usually wear w29 on thavar and shinoer.  i'll need some advice from you guys whether i should just get my usual size or size up (30), size down (28) for the Krooley jogg;  thanks in advance.

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i would buy size 28 (size down on krooley joggs, size up on tepphar joggs)

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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post

i would buy size 28 (size down on krooley joggs, size up on tepphar joggs)
Yup. Tepphar will look like meggings if u don't size up
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