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Thavar 8Y9 TURBODENIM Progress and Review

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Thavar 8Y9 frontThavar 8Y9 back


So this is after approximately thirty wears. Yet to wash, hoping to reach a hundred wears before washing. I'll probably have to freeze them relatively soon haha. I broke them in actively. In other words, I really wore the crap out of them with reckless abandon. I did not, however, apply a cheese grater, belt sander, or any other extreme devices to help bring about wear. I think mine are changing nicely and maybe faster than many of the other good people who enjoy and share about their 8Y9's. 


Note about fit, I went with my regular size (29X30) and they stretched almost two sizes. As you can see, they took on almost a Safado-ish fit which I don't mind so much because I tend to wear these with boots anyways. SIZE DOWN GUYS.


Thavar 8Y9 back pocketThavar 8Y9 back pocket and honeycombThavar 8Y9 honeycomb


As you can see from the pics, the color changing is really obvious on the honeycombs. I have a nice wallet imprint coming through but it seems I have difficulty keeping it in exactly the same place.





Verdict: 4/5 GREAT! These are super fun and take on a character of their own as they grow and mature into a truly personalized pair of jeans, albeit really quickly! SIZE DOWN! They stretch more than a full size in the waist and thighs. DON'T WASH!

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Dude thavar turbo denim? I'm jealous why didn't they have them when I got turbos? where did you buy those? 

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not sure that they were ever available in the us, i got them pretty recently on ebay. they run from 100-150 usually, go with a trusted vendor. ive seen 8y9's sold on ebay with terrible creasing from being stored folded up in the bottom of a box. with the turbodenim, that's obviously less than desirable. but they're out there!

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I had turbo denim last year in Koolter. I had them taken in so they would fit more like Thavar but i would have liked to just have had Thavar in the first place. The thavar has better pockets too. The koolter had tonal pocket stitching and yours has contrast which I prefer

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Nice!!! I was thinking to get a pair of this off eBay once as I have completely wore down my Nudie Slim Jim's...

Question at the end of the day when you wash your hands are the soap blue tint? I assume the color will rub off on your shoes and other white shirts and stuff like that?

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yeah... that happens. it's not horrible, mind you, but if you find yourself rubbing your hands on your legs often (for whatever reason) then some indigo will definitely get on your palms and in your fingernails/tips. i have not found it to noticeably dye any of my shirts or shoes though i do not wear white shoes.


if you pick these up, i would size down like 3 sizes from your nudie size. just a fyi.

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Thanks!!!!! The Nudies are still holding up but I sorta wish they are more destroyed. They look like the ones you posted now. But i have them for about 3 years now. So either I am doing something wrong or just wanna give this turbo a try... Thanks again for the advice!!!!
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any updates on the progress of these!!??! excited to see how destroyed they are now.



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Is turbo denim like raw denim that fades really fast? If so.. does that mean their overall lifetime is somewhat short?

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yeah, they are "raw" and the color fades out super fast. from what i can tell the fabric itself is standard diesel quality (ie: accelerated fade applies to color and not necessarily the integrity of the garment)


i'll take some pics tomorrow guys.

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I'm really thinking to pick one up and wear it like 3 times a week for few months.. but summer is approaching so not sure if its good idea to take on this project... god dammit.. i really love the super worn out faded look tho!!  

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Very cool, I would love to get a pair of these in Thavar after I finish my current raw project.

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I still have a pair of the tepphar turbos from about a year ago. Wore them regurlarly for about 6 months before washing them the first time, and have done so a handful of times since. I don't wear them as much anymore, and had to get them repaired, but they're still one of my favorites. If you guys are interested I can take a few fit pics.
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took some pictures on my phone in the car. as promised:


Thavar 8Y9 1.png


Thavar 8Y9 2.png


Thavar 8Y9 3.png

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I have a pair of Tepphar 8Y9 which are taking a long time to fade.  When I got them they came with a picture "wheel" that showed the

fading process with multiple wears but I think in reality it takes a lot longer to get that real worn out fade.

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Originally Posted by denim-guy View Post

I have a pair of Tepphar 8Y9 which are taking a long time to fade.  When I got them they came with a picture "wheel" that showed the

fading process with multiple wears but I think in reality it takes a lot longer to get that real worn out fade.

I completely know what you mean. With my tepphars it was the same thing, at least until I just started washing them normally. I think the misconception is that they're the same as raw denim jeans and should be treated accordingly.

In reality they aren't. At least not entirely. The enzyme coating they put on the denim is intended to give an accelerated result of typical raw denim while still wearing/washing them like you would any other jean for non-afficionados. Which means not waiting 6-12 months between the first wash and those following.

Ultimately though, denim is denim, so the longer you wait the more contrast you'll see. But waiting longer means delaying those visual results.
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the exotic 'japanese enzyme' apparently is supposed to lock in the level of fade by washing once. many of us on db tend to think that they are just dipped less so they fade faster because washing does not seem to slow the fade. from my experiences, treat these like beat em up and throw em away kinda jeans and they will fade, i promise. 


by that i mean: for all my other diesels, i am very cautious of puddles, rain, walls, where i sit, how i walk when i'm not wearing shoes, etc. i'm not a slave to my jeans but i sorta am. with these, i don't do any of that. they are fading fast haha.

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I think I'm sold....  gonna sell some camera filters to fund this!

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Here are a few pictures of my Tepphar Turbos from over a year ago, can't remember the exact date though. I don't wear them as often anymore, but they're still fun to go to every now and then. Super comfortable at this point, it's hard to imagine the way they started back in the beginning when I wear them. Pardon the slight redundancy of pictures from my last WYAT post.












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I'm looking for something even more destroyed.. my Nudies are about the same right now but I want it to be more faded and destroyed like the Nudie commercials and ones on their website but i can never seen to do it....


I have another pair of Nudie's that I think I can start my raw project as I sorta feel like I should put the $$ on a pair of dry Black Coated jeans... dammit.


BTW nice photos tho.... i'm soo indecisive. hahahaha.

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fuck em up.




i really wanna get a new pair of turbodenim tepphars and demolish them like this.

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Wow thats so cool. I wouldnt do that with turbos though.  I would do that with turbos cause they get distressed fast anyways. I am thinking of maybe doing that with my Thavar 880G (since I heard they will wear as raws do) or maybe buy another pair of Dior Raws to do it too.

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My Tepphar Turbodenims must be the slowest fading ever. I hardly wear them so they don't fade! hehe

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jeanetic, i swear i was thinking the same exact freaking thing moments after i posted that comment lol.

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Jeanetic what about pair of Nudie's???   I'm loving my Thin Finn so much that I prevent wearing it as I want to keep it RAW... altho I really want to destroy a raw pair, thus I'm thinking to do that w/ Thavar 8Y9..... ack...

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