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1st straight cut (Viker)

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Hey guys, this is my 1st straight cut (Viker 880F.) What do you guys think? Keep or no. Don't mind the shirt, I was in a hurry. Thanks,


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Looks good. Suits you, so I would keep them. I was looking at the same pair the other day but couldn't find my size.

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Those look really good. I have pretty much quit wearing Vikers because when I get the correct waist size for me I t hink the legs look too loose, but on you they look slim all the way own.
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looks great! love this wash and was considering getting it in viker as well. think it might be a little too close to my 73n that i have in viker already tho...

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Looks good man, keep em I say.
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880F wash is beautiful, ever tried a larkee since you wear straight?

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Thanks for all the kind comments. I'm going to wear it around the house few times because I'm afraid it might stretch out alot.


Ammoun- I've tried on Larkee but I didn't like it because it is sort of relaxed. I like it alittle bit slim.


Freeradical- I don't have the 73N to compare it side by side to 880F but I don't think they're even close. I might be wrong though.

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They fit you nice and slim for being Viker. good job

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^ Thanks man.

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The vikers are looking good on you man.  They are a good fit for you.  Actually, by the slim fit they dont even look like what vikers would look

on other guys. I agree with everyone, keep them.

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Awesome, good fit. It has been a while since I've seen some well worn vikers.

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