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Do you patch rips that are part of the wash?

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Just wondering if anyone patches (underneath) their rips in their Diesels. I just got a pair of 8X2 and I'm considering patching for fear of accidentally ruining/puncturing the threads. If I iron a patch on, it might lose some of it's whiskering/distressing feel in that area, but it might be better than accidentally tearing the threads. Just wondering what your guys' experience with it is? Do the threads in rips stay intact after hard wear so long as you don't poke through them?

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It's a destroy wash, do not pay attention about that it's stupid


It will become damaged with time ... or don't wear it.


Just be careful when you put your thavar, your foot can destroy the thread

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Last I checked giant holes in your jeans don't look good if the threads are to fall off =P


The idea of patching is to extend the time you can wear it before it's damaged.. I guess it might be stupid to some, but I like to take care of my jeans xD

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A lot of jeans are "repaired". I personally like it, my 8X8 has chambray patches on the inside and when you see them they look great. I have my eye on a pair of 8880K and I'm gonna put maybe red tartan patches under the rips. For something unique. I'd say go for it. It'll definitely look better than if you put your toe through them. The 8X2 are special jeans and need to be well looked after.
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I want to get my 8B9 patched because I poked my toe through and tore the threads... but aside from going to a tailors and spending more than its worth, I don't know what to do.

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Lol I did the same thing with my 8B9 back when I had a pair =(


I used an iron on patch on the inside of my 8NEs and they prevented any breakage, but it also changed the texture around the patch a little, not sure if it's significant, but it might be worth doing. 8X2 just has so much cool wrinking and whiskering I don't wanna mess it up xD

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Iron patches are the best to prevent rips. And it´s not visible at all, maybe harder to iron it on wrinkles...
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Use nylon patch. It's so thin, flexible and you don't have to iron it, and it sticks for a long time . If it ever comes off, use a new piece. It's not thick like iron patches so you won't have all the problems you mentioned. I tried both myself.



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where can you get nylon patches from?

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After washing my Shioner 8PN for the first time, the patch on the right leg detached =(


How can i bring it back on my jeans and how can i make patches like those on other jeans to be save that i dont get stuck?

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Originally Posted by freeradical82 View Post

where can you get nylon patches from?


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that's cool im gonna have to give the nylon one's a try. ived tried the denim iron on ones and i dont like the way they change the feel of the jean in that area. when it folds on that area it kinda bunches up and feels and looks odd.  will give the nylon ones a try!

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My Vikers started to rip on the distressing. I backed them with my own cut thin denim stuck on with Copydex after I ironed the patch. Seems to have done the trick and there is no noticable change in the way they hang imo. If you cut your own patch you can size it to suit.

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I patch every single hint of distressing with patches that I buy from Joann fabrics... They aren't denim and they aren't nylon... they are the same exact material that diesel uses to patch them (or used to lol) It's funny the jeans become more expensive and they stopped doing that for us. Anyone who owns a pair of 71j or 73j knows what I'm talking about. Anyway, it shouldn't affect the look of the creasing and whiskering as it only takes about 30 seconds of pressure with hot iron to put them on. It's great because the glue on the patch kind of melts into the threads of the abrasions and keeps them intact for a VERY long time... I also NEVER wash my jeans either so I have distressed pairs that are a year or two old that still look exactly as they did when I bought them, and when you pay this kind of money for jeans, I'm with you rizzice.... its very important to me that they stay looking good. Diesel cuts them into squares or rectangles and applies them like that, I've found that the sharp corners make it easier for them to accidentally tear off, I like to round the corners so its less likely they will catch on something when taking them on or off.

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Which ones do you use Jason? I think I might have used the ones at Joann's fabric, but I think they may have been denim material. I dunno from my experience even a quick 30 second iron will flatten out the pre-wrinkled areas.. but I guess it's really not that noticeable, just me being OCD. xD I'm sure the process will extend the lifetime of the jeans by a great deal so it's probably worth it, meh.


I think I'll check out the nylon ones and see how they work out, I really like that you can just stick them on, I think that seems quite sturdy enough for me considering I don't put my jeans through the wash. If the patch falls off does it leave any sticky residue?

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@ rizzice,

How did this patch project worked out? Got any update?

I'm looking to do something similar to my 73J. Your advise will be greatly appreciated.
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