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Thanaz 8880K Fit Pics

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Thanaz 8880K frontThanaz 8880K back


Thanaz 8880K




Spy the awesome cat.

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they fit you perfect. The denim looks cheap. what is your opinion?

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very good fit, I have tried them once, but didn´t like em

awesome lasercat ;))


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first of all, these were a birthday present from the girlfriend. i love them.


they're unusual because they have the areas busted out but no fading. i think that throws people off and makes them look cheap in pictures. IRL, they are really cool and unique looking, you really have to see them in person. definitely a departure from the regular washes. i look at them more like a pair of work denim. almost like canvas. and that's what they feel like too, really stiff and almost scratchy at first. this seems to be a bit of a theme with the new stuff.


i've been wearing them non-stop for two days to try and break em in. they loosened up almost everywhere and got kinda fuzzy and definitely softer. they fit a bit more snug than i would've liked at first but now they fit perfect. i love the white stitching and white leather label patch detail. i personally think they're fantastic as a unique summer-y pair. 



verdict: 4/5 GREAT! very cool and unique, spring/summer appropriate, lovely white contrast details, initial fit is small--stretches to true size, gets much softer with wear

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Not a fan of the "fake" distressing, but the fit is good on you and I like the back pockets.

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thanks! yeah it's hard to imagine how you would actually get a pair of pants looking like this with real-life wear. but hey, it's fashion! they're cool, give them a chance!


in all honesty, i was like 60% in the store but my girlfriend loved how fresh they looked. i don't think i would have bought them if they weren't purchased for me. but after a few wears, the fit really settled (sort of a unique fit, they're slimmer than regular thanaz 100% cottons but then they loosen up to just slimmer than thanaz a's) and the fabric got nice and soft. definitely one of those 'impulse' buys that you end up falling in love with.


might be going back for some thavar 8x2's and 888p's today, so for all us 'realistic wear' fans, there might be fit pics coming soon. they both seem to be hot right now so we'll see what they have over on newbury st. 




(technically nonexistent jogg fit pics coming soon too. i still haven't seen either of the two pairs i picked up recently on the website or any website for that matter. they only have the rawish looking ones online. the ones i picked up have amazing washes.)

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Were they these? http://www.diesel.com/jogg-jeans/ss12_krooley-ne


Either way, I want some pics!

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indeed! i've had people ask if they could buy them online and i haven't been able to hunt em down anywhere!


i got those in a 26 and tepphars in a 28. they fit really similarly (which was a shocker for me) except for the shorter inseam on the krooleys. i'll do fit pics and a review in the next couple days.

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I would love to see them.  Are you in US? How much did you pay for them, and do they look like the pics?

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i am in boston, mass. US of A. the pictures are remarkably accurate this time around. the krooleys are really awesome, nice and dirty. the tepphars are much more conventional but plenty sweet. i'll make a separate thread soon. i can't remember exactly how much they cost. i think the tepphars were $300 and the krooleys were more expensive at $350. don't hold me to it haha.

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God damnit, I had a chance to go that store today and check them out.  Whatever, I probably saved 350$ haha

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they're SO worth it.

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Yeah I'm selling my joggs actually. I Am going to wait until they have a good thavar like fit with a better wash than grey. I really like my BPX wash but I hate Krooley cut so I'm selling

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i feel you, the new washes are excellent though. with the joggs, the krooley in the smallest possible size seems to be like a short thavar. tepphar joggs are pretty accurate to the cut of tepphar jeans. you might love the tepphars. length is actually decent for stacking and they stack surprisingly nice! i wonder why they aren't for sale online. the site is kind of slow sometimes. i remember i had picked up the 8qu's like three weeks before they were on the website. but it's been over a month that ive had these joggs... hmm....

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Looking good man, that's another sweet pair of one of my favourite diesel cuts.  Damn, I got to visit the

Diesel store and get me some.

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Yeah, vacationing in Miami right now and this is THE wash. A plan white tee, white flip flops, and a Goorin Bros fedora. SET.
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I've got a pair of theses thanz 8880k brand new with tags up for grabs size 28" waist 34 leg, offers welcome
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Originally Posted by dannylad73 View Post

I've got a pair of theses thanz 8880k brand new with tags up for grabs size 28" waist 34 leg, offers welcome

you can post it here.  http://www.denimblog.com/c/f/3329/marketplace   

so you will have more chance 

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