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hey guys just wanted some opinions so usually i wear waist 31 in krooley s and recently i've decided to buy a pair of thavar but i'm not sure... because although i'm around 182cm i have comparatively bigger thighs and calves... i'm afraid that thavar wouldn't fit me well so i'm considering sizing it up to waist 32.. what do you guys think??

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No, keep your size, I have the krooley 8nj in 28x32 and thavar 8x2 in 28x32 too, they fit me exactly the same on the waist.

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I have krooley 8nj in 29x32 and thavar 8x2 in 30x32 (like all my thavars and shioners). I have to size up in thavar jeans, otherwise they are much too tight at thighs and calves and i cant move normally, and it looks a bit gay on me when they are soo tight :-D

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If the 31krooley fit you snug, then +1 size on thavar. If its loose, then it should be ok with 31.


Also which thavar are you getting? Due to the thickness of some thavar (888p, 8x2

etc), it can also affect the sizing.


The best bet will be to try it in person. Or buy from someone that has great return policy. 

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um i saw another lad here posting a link of thavar 886b at like $200..really interested but i'm not sure cuz ive never owned a pair of thavars...
well krooley's fine at the thighs in w31 and fits just fine in the calves..i just dont look like the diesel models loll..yea guess i shd try em in person but i think its goin outta stock soon and i dont have time for shopping til this weekend so yeah..more advice plzz
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For most thavar 30x32, thigh measurement at crotch is around 11". So you can measure it against your krooley.

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size up, but they will be little loose in the waist. Like you said, you don't want to look like that diesel model with huge legs wearing slim jeans. If your legs were skinny, then you should take same size.

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non baltimore my calves are rather thick ... that's the problem cuz the wash is only available in the thavar cut :\

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