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Zaghor 8at fit

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Hey, Im thinking about buying these Zaghors 8at on ebay,but both from this blog as well as asking sellers.I can't get a  good description of the fit. Anyone own these? I am getting descriptions anywhere from baggy ,which to me means quratt type of pants , to zathan or zaf  Are they like larkees with a bigger bootcut?.Any help here? Thanks

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I think they fit really loose, and I reckon you'd be better off getting 8AT in Zathan if you want a bootcut (or Zatiny, but Zathan seems easy to come by).

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Hey thanks-got another question-I cant post the pic but if you have the time,could you look on ebay ,there is a shazor size 31x34 that I might bid on ,but I dont know the type of shazors they are-maybe you experts can identify by looking,I cant-I want a 100% cotton shazor

Thanks-if no time,no big thing.

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Looks like 8BE, but it's hard to tell with such a small photo. If I'm right, they're 100% cotton. But if it's important to you, I'd wait for someone else to check.

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I just got the Zaghor 8at 31x34, they fit super great the most comfortable Diesels while still fitting slim in thighs, then start flairing out starting with the knee the flairs a little more--Zaghor is my Number 1 Diesel cut now

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FYI -Now That I have worn some new Zaghor 8At-they fit like a Zathan , but no pinched knee-big bootcut-I like them.

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