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Thavar 75G

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Does anyone know how much these cost and if they are sold out the US already? I heard they are only available at Diesel in NY, maybe they would take a phone order?


EDIT: More digging found me most answers, I hope they're still in stock T.T I wish there were more fit pics!

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They are $295. Call the 5th ave store or your local diesel store to place order. Should still be available.
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Thanks man I'll check it out! People should post fit pics, I'll post mine when I gettem :D The only fit I've seen was super dark >.<

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Can someone vouch for this wash? All the pics I could find are amazing, but little discussion on the jeans :(

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It look just like 74y except no hole with patch underneath on left leg and no circles on upper left thigh.
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I've heard that's a big improvement over the 74Y though.. I haven't had the chance to see either in person so I can't say, though I do like the 75G more. I don't think 74Y comes in Thavar which is probably my current favorite cut by D. 


I called the store and they have 11 pairs in my size! Gonna order a pair in a week or so I think.

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man I'd want to fork over $300 on a pair of Thavar 75G too.... but I'm gonna hold out.. going Beijing next week, 4 Diesel stores and 1 Diesel outlet.  I hope they will have something for me!

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Haha I am sure the will as long as you bring your wallet ;) That's Diesel heaven

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I think I was the first on this forum to get the US version, and everyone who's gotten some since including me loves them. They WILL sell out sometime, so buy now if you want some.

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Thanks I will pick up a pair for sure now. I think I read in the WDAYWT that the inseam runs shorter on these? Do I want to get longer inseam than I regularly do if I want stacking?

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Inseam on mine is normal length for Thavar.
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does anybody have the possibilty to visit one of those stores which is selling the Thavar 75G? It would be great, if someone can buy one of those pants for me (size 32/34 or even better 33/34, shipping to Germany). Can anybody help me?



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Is the Thavar 75G only available in Length 32? Can someone mention the inseam of the L32, please?



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Tried Thavar 75G and omg the denim is super thick and stiff!

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^They loosen right up after a few wears.

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