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tepphar 887v sizing

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i wanna buy those jeans
my normal size in thanaz is 31 
but the 887v has 82 % cotton and 18% elastan....should i go for my stretch-size w 30 ? 

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Tepphar is skinnier in the lower legs than Thanaz so I'd stay the same or even size up unless you want the skintight look.

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but i think the jeans would be too big after some wears in the waist cause of the stretch ?! 

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I'd recommend going a size down, I own a Tepphar 881W and they definitely did stretch.

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they would totally look like a leggins

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Well that's how they're supposed to fit... what's the point of buying them when you're not really wearing them how they're supposed to be worn?!

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Well I didn't said to size up, just stay in your regular waist, I wear 29, I know if I really want to I can fit in 27 probably but it wont be pretty and very comfortable lol and they wont stretch that much btw since I myself have 2 pair of tepphar that are made from similar material 98%cot2%ea



here is the guy for example, he sized up on his V0, and they look cool, he's skinny and it's skinny cut.


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I sized down. Waist area stretches a good bit. Below-the-knee tightness is pretty similar across almost all sizes in this cut/wash. Trust me.

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