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Iakop Vs Darron fit

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Hey folks, I have been browsing this forum a lot recently having learnt far too much about Diesel jeans from all the information on here :D


The darron fit seems to be pretty much perfect on me but I cannot find them in a none distressed dark blue wash, I have found the iakop fit in a wash I like on the diesel site but they are not in my local diesel store (Liverpool UK) so I was wondering how the fit of the darron compares to the iakop


Many thanks!

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Can anyone shed some light? I have owned several Darron but am now wearing Thanaz/Shioner/Tepphar/Thavar/Krooley only.

I really like the 889Y (Light blue) wash and thinking of getting the Iakop. 


Tried on the Darrons in this wash and they just felt too wide, How do the Iakop compare? Never tried the cut on at all before?



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if you like darron i think you will like iakop aswell.

iakop is just a little more commercial (no dart) and still a regular-slim fit


go get it...

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