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Here is the new Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2012 collection. It featured a ton of leather, suede, and a few denim pieces. One thing that I like about the Diesel Black Gold collections are that they are a bit more muted than the denim line itself, yet the pieces till stand out. The color palette is never severe. There is always a sense of wearing to them. You can see the collection below.


diesel-black-gold_001.jpg     diesel-black-gold_002.jpg


diesel-black-gold_003.jpg     diesel-black-gold_004.jpg


diesel-black-gold_005.jpg     diesel-black-gold_006.jpg


700     diesel-black-gold_008.jpg


diesel-black-gold_009.jpg     diesel-black-gold_010.jpg


diesel-black-gold_011.jpg     diesel-black-gold_012.jpg


diesel-black-gold_013.jpg     diesel-black-gold_014.jpg


diesel-black-gold_015.jpg     diesel-black-gold_016.jpg


diesel-black-gold_017.jpg     diesel-black-gold_018.jpg


diesel-black-gold_019.jpg     diesel-black-gold_020.jpg


diesel-black-gold_021.jpg     diesel-black-gold_022.jpg


diesel-black-gold_024.jpg     diesel-black-gold_025.jpg


diesel-black-gold_026.jpg     diesel-black-gold_027.jpg