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A classic DSquared2 collection walked at Milan Fashion Week.You can always count on a preppy, well tailored aesthetic each season and this season was no different. The theme varies from season to season, but you can always tell that it is a DSquared2 show. For this season it had a Jackie Kennedy, classic Parisian vibe. One thing that I like about DSquared2 is that they are one of the few lines to feature denim each season. For this season they opted for cropped styles with a bit of a slouch to them as opposed to the super tight that they usually send down. You can see a few of the looks from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection below.


dsquared2_005.jpg      dsquared2_006.jpg


dsquared2_007.jpg      dsquared2_008.jpg


dsquared2_009.jpg      dsquared2_010.jpg


dsquared2_014.jpg      dsquared2_015.jpg


dsquared2_017.jpg      dsquared2_027.jpg


dsquared2_034.jpg      dsquared2_036.jpg