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Real or Fake?

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Hey everybody i just bought these two pairs of true religion jeans, off of Facebook are they real or fake?IMG_0731.JPG


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In fact ,Many people know their idea about judge real or fake of True Religion in this website ,but someone may not understand why they are real or really fake in this brand, because the fact is that the factory and OEM have their single tail or sample products to avoid loss of transaction value ,but these true religion jeans are not bad ,even though better than something on the market! Not to judge this right or wrong ,you may know the appear of true religion hardware ,but you are not the worker or laborer of this brand. We can only realize that someone not the same as others,and use subjective experience. I hope you can buy cheap and fine True Religoin Jeans ,you can find high quality but fair price goods from http://tiankong.tv/

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At lease one is not real, or the picture you took is not clear enough, the logo of two is so difference. Get Real and Cheap True Religion Jeans here   Fashion Jeans Outlet

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The lighter pair are fakes. The flaps are cut wrong, the stitching on the pockets is not symmetrical, and the tag stitching looks like it goes a little too close to the edge.
The darker pair look authentic but we need to see the tag better as well as the inside tags.
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