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I would like to know 2 things concerning 7mankind jeans pls


1.if all ''7 all mankind jeans ''standard'' models are same cutted/same form

I am looking to buy size31 on the web

I have already a 31sized at home

but I need to be sure that every ''standard'' models are same sized, same pocket size, leg opening etc...


p.s. this one seems to have a very long sized back pocket compared to the other one and about the sze they told 'bottom' 31 & 'inseam' 34 ,

34 inseam ?? it's impossible, as I know every 31sized are L32 max....





2. the 2nd jean is called standard model 7allmankind ''fuji san'' ,

I m not sure but I read it somewere

is it a special wash from 7man kind ?

I cannot see well the true colour of this jeans because the pic is not good quality concerning the colour

have somebody other pics of this ''fuji san'' wash ?