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Are these fake?

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Are these jeans fake? on the 4th picture, the "for all mankind" logo looks crooked, someone told me the seller bought them from stein mart but Im just very attentive to detail and am wondering why the logo looks crooked.

Thanks7 jeans.jpgHere is a pic I received from the seller of the actual jeans being bid on is the "for all mankind" logo in the back suppose to be thicker like .5 an inch thick?


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They are real, but the seller appears to be using photos of 2 different pairs of jeans (one with an orange strip on the tag, one with a green strip). The orange tag pair is definitely Super Vintage Nakita, but the green tag pair looks more like Vintage Shore Pine (also note the white tag on the back of those, while the SVN's have the more standard red pocket tag)


To answer your question directly, no, the crooked tag doesn't mean they're fake, but I would call the seller out on depicting two very obviously different pairs.

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