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The new Fall/Winter 2012 Acne collection was definitely a very bold collection. I cannot say that I am too much of a fan of it, but it was one that stood out amongst the others. One there was a ton of leather, two, it was leather in strong colors, and three the silhouettes were very strong. There was also a sense of New Wave in the looks with all the lime green and oversized-ish silhouettes in the jackets. You can see more of the looks below.


acne_001.jpg     acne_002.jpg


acne_003.jpg     acne_006.jpg


acne_010.jpg     acne_012.jpg


acne_013.jpg     acne_014.jpg


acne_015.jpg     acne_017.jpg


acne_018.jpg     acne_019.jpg


acne_022.jpg     acne_026.jpg


acne_029.jpg     acne_027.jpg


acne_031.jpg     acne_032.jpg