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Tell Us Your Favorite jean and win $200!

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DenimBlog is offering you lovely ladies an exclusive contest! We love having you as a part of DenimBlog and all that you do for our community, that's why we are giving you a chance to win $200 in our private Ladies Lounge contest!

Entering could not be easier, all you need to do is write a small post (less than 150 words) in a reply to this thread, telling us about your favorite pair of jeans, and why you love them so much. Bonus points will be given for including a picture! Sorry, guys, but this is a ladies only contest!  Only one post per individual please.
The contest will run until April 1st, so submit your entries below!


rules and regs

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I have too many favorite jeans now that I just got hired at Diesel I have an even greater selection of favorite jeans. Right now I love The new Diesel Grupee destroyed jean in the skinny jeans 887A wash as seen on Blake Lively. I also Love the Jet Jeans in Lesly and I am very fond of the Rag and Bone skinnies as well. But the Grupee is my favorite at the moment. Thank you Lorna for your blog I follow it everyday …I too am very fond of jeans. I collect them :)

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MMdenim a new division of Miss Me!

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Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! My favorite jeans brand is James Jeans. My favorite is the detail on the back pocket that make your backside look awesome. Another reason I love their jeans is that I can find a tall inseam and they are super soft. I'd love to own more pairs of them. 

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I LOVE my AG The Prima. They are the perfect rise for me and they don't stretch out and ride down.

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I was a huge fan of the J Brand 620's because they were midrise so i never really had to worry about constantly pulling my jeans up because of the higher rise. Recently I lost about 20 pounds and I am able to buy jeans without really worrying about a "muffin top" so I ventured into 7 For All Mankind's "The Skinny". I used to hate 7's because I felt that even the midrise jeans fit like low-rise and it frustrated me to constantly pull my pants up because they would stretch out around the waist. Since I am a smaller size, they seem to fit better and I actually like them more than my beloved J Brand'.s I bought the jeans in rinsed Indigo and Black and they are fabulous. In all honesty, I really have never had a pair of jeans that truly fit around the leg and didn't stretch until I retried these jeans. They didn't stretch even after 2 separate days of wearing them and maintained their shape in the leg. I was really impressed and I look forward to trying other  washes. 

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I have a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans I adore. They fit me perfectly. Slim cut, straight leg, perfect wash, they make my bum look fab. I adore those jeans. 

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I have a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans I adore. They fit me perfectly. Slim cut, straight leg, perfect wash, they make my bum look fab. I adore those jeans. 

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Are you sure I can't pick ten? I have a love affair with jeans!!!! I love my Citizens of Humanity Ingrid fit jeans!!!! They are crazy comfortable, but still look amazing! They never gap at the waist or stretch out by the end of the day. Faded and fitted in all the right places, these are my everyday go to jeans!
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Love: Level99, Lily Straight, dark wash.

Explanation: They make me feel comfy and sexy. They love my things, hips, behind, and are a great length for my petite legs.

Duration of ownership: approx. 2mo.

Material: Rayon/Lyocell/Cotton/Spandex

Number of wears: at least once a week

Number of washes: 3

Stretching/fading: very little thus far

PS: Lower price premium denim without sacrificing comfort. Level99 has got a good thing goin! Love them/they love me so much I bought a bootcut pair as well.

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Seven has been my standard jean designer choice for a long time because more of their styles fit me than not.  I have a pair of Salt and Pepper that have ripped but I wear around the house...still comfortable and I look good from the front.  But today, I must say my favorite jeans are Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick, black, low rise, skinny jeans.  They fit like a glove and have 44% rayon in them making them soft and deliciously comfortable.  Throw on some heels or boots and I look great while feeling very confident and comfortable.  An added plus is I can sit at the bar and not have to worry about showing my thong.  I want a blue pair next. 

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I have a never ending love for J Brand. Forever and always. Seriously! 

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im in between my jbrand pair and my gap pair. In the end i have to say my gap because it's more worn in and makes my legs look slender!

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I'm in love with my Genetic Denim flare jeans in dark wash.  I'm 5'11" so it takes me forever to find a pair of decently elongated pair of jeans.  These jeans have a 37 inch inseam and the dark wash accentuates my legs and shapes my thighs nicely.  It pairs well with heels and the jeans rest low on my hips just where I like them.  There is a bit of distressing at the bottom, but I like it that way.  It gives these jeans a bit of character and a worn-in kind of used look.  They are not too tight on me to give me that mushroom top nor are they so loose that I feel like I'm walking around in baggy jeans, (which unfortunately I own but didn't realize the difference in the tailoring until I bought the Genetic Denim pair).  I'm also fascinated by the material of the jeans.  They are significantly better than the other pairs of jeans I have!!!  

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My absolute favorite jeans are the Lindsey's by DL1961! The dark wash, slim fit, and unique spandex/denim fabric make me look and feel at leeast 10 lbs lighter and a lot taller! the fit like a glove, and hold everything in place, slimming me down! Also, they are so comfortable! I can (and have) fallen asleep in them, they are so comfy! I LOVE them!

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My favorite jeans is a 7 For All Mankind with crystals in the back pockets.

I was losing weight and bought the jeans as a ¨inspiration¨ to make weight loss easier for me. Now they fit me and I love it! It's like I won a trophy for my willpower! I lost 19 kg (almost 42 pounds). Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!




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Yikes, I have something like 30 pairs and probably couldn't choose among all of them--but I LOVE the way 7 for All Mankind Flynts fit on me. One of my elderly uncles once asked if I'd lost weight while I was wearing a pair, and my bf says they're his favorite on me too :D

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It wasn't until I got up the motivation to drop 20lbs that I cared about jeans. Now I have 2 obsessions: denim & looking good in denim. And while I still have a ways to go until I reach my ultimate goal, I am sublimely content with my William Rast denim Sienna leggings.

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^Congratulations! Keep it up! I was sort of the same way--well, the reason I became motivated to lose 30 pounds was because I was growing out of my tts 32s, and I took that as a not-so-subtle hint that I was carrying too much weight for a 5'6 frame. Got down to a 29 (and still hang around a 29-30, depending on time of year) and now I can wear all my favorite premium brands :D

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Joe's Jeans! Though I have lost 15+ pounds recently and hope to be rocking the R&R soon (before they hit Kohls...eww)


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Oh, they are at kohls already.I tried on the kassandra boot cut (they were marketed previously as a recession denim, a lower priced r&r), and they fit NOTHING like the pair of kassandra boot cuts I own. They seemed to have a lot more lycra in them and were a thinner denim. They reminded me a lot of sevens, actually. I would much rather save my $80 and buy a pair of silvers. This move is one business decision I really don't understand. icon_sad.gif

I am madly in love with my joes jeans, as well icon_smile.gif
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Thank you! I just started being able to get into 32s. It's both encouraging and discouraging because there are still some brands that I cannot fit into. I'm getting married in October, so I'm hoping I'll be sliding into a pair of 30s by that time :) 

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^well congrats! You may not need this anymore but if you're looking for tips on what washes in certain brands run big (like a 33) I can name a bunch that were made around the time I was that size (06/07). Oddly enough, now that my size has mostly "settled," I gravitate more towards old-school cuts and washes that run small!

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My favorite pair... really depends on the day... but I have always been a huge fan of Silvers! This pair is edgy and stylish, and really, make my butt look great!! 

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