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Denimkingdom Address

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If anyone purchased from them what is their mailing address/location?
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I actually considered getting a petition going to get these people off ebay, but the bigger sellers are pussies, but anyways, truth is, these jeans are not only fake, they are appearing on displays in macys and bloomingdales because people buy them, see that they are fakes and return them to macys because the sku numbers are the same. As a vendor, there is nothing more infuriating to me than seeing fake jeans in my display. I have talked with the vise president of Diesel about going after people like DenimKingdom but they dont want to bother and neither does Macys..go figure
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A friend and I were searching through an assorted bunch of 7 jeans the other day at Nordstrom. We found a particularly nice pair of jeans and I quickly commented "make sure it's real." I suppose the Nordstrom reps didn't like what I said and proceeded to 'lecture' me on how they know their stuff and that nothing gets passed their eye. The attitude they gave me forced me to search through the rest of the rack before comming onto a pair of 7's that look exactly like the fakes resembling a pair in which I purchased from Denimkingdom.

It just got me thinking how many people can be making a profit by doing this. for example buying a number of jeans from Nordstrom and subsequently buying the same number of jeans from a counterfeit provider, and then returning the fakes to the store by switching them with the tags of the authentic pair. Especially with 7's because the sticker barcode can easily be transfered from one pair to the next.
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In my opinion, it is kind of disrepectful and somewhat slanderous to say "Watch out for fakes" in a department store like Nordstrom. If there are any fakes in there, it just means that they are the victims of rip-offs just like ordinary people who unknowingly buy fakes. Its my opinion that we should keep an eye out for those who may be returning fake items, and maybe start reporting them. If we can catch a little fish, they might lead us to the bigger fish.
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I suppose you can say it was disrespectful of me, but it was a comment directed towards a friend and was overheard by a Nordstrom rep and was in no way or form was it meant to be slanderous as it was just a safety measure both ways. We all should know the alarming rate at which counterfeit jeans are being produced and sold to unknowing customers who decide to make large department stores pay for their mistakes.
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I can understand where your comment came from. After inadvertently buying a pair of fakes myself on eBay, I found myself checking the tags on the jeans on the rack while looking at jeans this weekend. With Nordstrom's generous return policy, it is a legitimate concern. Especially during the holidays, when they have hired on extra people who may not "know their stuff.
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