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sporty north face clothing

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The movement of wind can be described as one of the important keywords of the 2012 spring and summer trend of smart, you must have a glimpse from the 2012 spring and summer show. Natural, comfortable, sporty give the unrestrained fresh gas field. However, to grasp the scale between good sportswear and sports wind is not so simple.

North face's brand positioning - "simply perfect", a clear outline respected north face jacket brand value: unique and innovative technology, the integration of simple design style that create a wealth of modern and avant-garde sense of a new inclusiveseries, with avant-garde, comfort, and luxury for one. north face jacket remains consistent with the development of today's world, concerned with human life and work, more effective and environmentally friendly clothing production process. Materials from organic cotton, soybean fiber fabric, waterproof nylon, coated natural canvas, even the use of racks are 100% recyclable paper hangers "

north face loaded combines elements of men's sportswear, women accessories take full advantage of the changing fabric of this nature, such as copper ammonia. The shirt, skirt and jacket for women has a strong sense of fashion, but the price is the average consumer is also acceptable. Clothing design follows today's trend will not be too exaggerated or publicity. men's north face jacket showing a stylish and minimalist style, from the simple American sportswear transformed into a cut excellent recreational sports series. 2012 autumn and winter north face men will show a perfect combination of wool, cotton, and sophisticated design.