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Designer Jeans Parties Real Or Fake?

Poll Results: Would you Be interested in attending, hosting or just signing up with us?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 25% of voters (1)
    Attend one and check it out for yourself
  • 25% of voters (1)
    Host a designer jeans party and get free jeans
  • 25% of voters (1)
    I am ready to start doing this for extra money in this crappy economy.
  • 25% of voters (1)
    Contact www.jeansparties.com for more info.
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Hello all, I saw your post and would like to reply about the Designer Jeans Parties.  I also have been asked to attend a jeans party and i have gone to a few now.  I liked the parties so much i have actually signed up with them and i am about to start hosting my own.  You are welcome to attend.  


To tell about myself? Well, I'm not exactly fond of the questions like this. Where's my "optional, pick an answer scroll bar?" I guess I'll first start out with saying I'm a wife to a husband whom is VERY supportive of my new business. I'm a mom of 2, Girl and Boy. And a Step-Mom to 3 more boys. Yes, my daughter is a Princess. And she LOVES the jeans. WE love the jeans. I recently started hosting the Jeans Parties and have had such a great time. Meeting fantastic people, listening to great stories of how the jeans fit,the comfort of trying on and buying in your own home, and the great prices that they can afford. Men's, Women's, Kids, Plus-size, Maternity. You won't be disappointed!



In regards to your post asking if they are real or how the parties are and i will tell you without any doubt the Designer Jeans Parties Jeans, shorts, capri and skrits ARE REAL 100% AND NOT COUNTERFEIT. I have many pair now and i am friends with a couple people that work at the company and they have seen many shipments paid for by the original sources.  They buy overages when the distributor has not moved all the product. They buy in bulk and get it discounted and can offer it to the parties in return.  I have just attended the 2012 Las Vegas Convention the company held and not only loved it but the amount of money they put into this business would blow your mind.  They just released 5 new house Designer Jeans Brands they are having manufactured and are sending out to Designer Jeans Parties.  If any of you have any doubts i would love to talk to you about it and look forward to speaking with you.  jeansparties on FB or you can look at my site for more info and real news in regards to the company.  For those of you that are steadfast unbelievers i am sorry you are missing out on a great opportunity.  I will say good bye to you all by saying I have a full time job and so does my husband and were barely scraping until i started doing this. I just wanted you to at least get the chance to look into this or at least hear someone else standing up for it. So i hope you email me or check out my site (which is being build to please be patient) and find the info you are looking for.


Now i have a few EXTRA hundred dollars a month from the company. All i really do is help individuals like yourselves afford designer jeans without paying prices normal people cannot afford and i also help you look good in the process.  WHO WOULD NOT LOVE THIS.  This is a very easy and low cost way to earn more money and like i said i would love to hear from you so please feel free to contact ME.  www.jeansparties.com


Here is the link to a video that will explain it to you.


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spam spam spammy mcspam spam spam

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This is not meant as spam its meant as a resource sorry you took it that way.

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it's spam if it's advertising your own business, which you are attempting to do (but you're certainly barking up the wrong tree here)

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