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Heming jeans

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I bought a pair of Darrons 88OF but they run a bit long so ima need to hem them a bit. Anybody know whether its better to do a regular hem or original hem with these jeans?
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Depends on whether or not your hem has distressing or any aesthetics to it. I know most Diesel washes have some sort of distressing on their hem and I've always had to keep the originals...

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Always do original hem... If you ever sell them, they will lose ALL value without original hem. People will still buy used diesel jeans with a good original hem intact. I don't know if you've ever had a pair of jeans hemmed w/o original hem, they look terrible.

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Depending on who your tailor is you can get away with a regular hem on Rock&Republic jeans. :P

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ya gonna defantely go with an original hem, thanks!

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