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Purchase from cultizm

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Hi guys,

I'm thinking of buying some diesel from cultizm, this will be my first purchase with them. Can anyone share some shopping experience, good or bad at cultizm? Also, is there any duty & tax fee when they ship to CA? And, does anyone know of any discount code that I can use?

Thanks for the help.
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I'm not sure about taxes as I live in Europe and I think cultizm is a German site but I found them very quick and I'd def shop with them again. I got thavar 886B for €175. Bargain. 

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^ thats a great deal. Did you use any code to get that price?
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Yes but it was for their Facebook launch and if you liked them on Facebook then you got 10% off your order. They were reduced to €196 before that. Even at that price it was a bargain. Excellent service too. Shipped the same day and I got them within 2 days. That's from Germany to Ireland. 

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hi i live in france and i ordered twice with them, quick shipping and they respond your mails within 24 hours

moreover most jeans are cheaper than diesel store (for a given wash and cut) and with their regular discount it's even better...

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Thanks for all the good feedbacks. 


How about return or exchange? Did you guys ever had to do that?

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Do you live in california or canada? if you're in the USA then there is no import taxes/customs fees when you buy things from overseas.

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I have had very good service to England and they stock sizes of Levis Vintage Clothing that nobody else has. I have not had to return anything. There is more user experience about them on Superfuture.


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Thanks everyone for all your help.

@ Jeanetic, I live in California. Glad to hear there will be no additional fees.

I'm think of buying the DBG. Any opinion?

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I like cultizm, bought Tepphar 886A and Thavar 886B, I live in Cali also, it take 3 days for package to arrive from Germany, and they are very friendly if you have any questions.

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Thanks qwerk.

On the 886a, is that one made in italy like what cultizm advertise? Cuz I know everywhere else it's listed as non mii.
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^^^^Page 24 first post shows pretty realistic pictures of how they look the  886A




They are NOT made in Italy, at least the Darron 886A from US wasn't.  It was part of the Time Exposure denim washes for SS12


EDIT: I apoligize for missing a keyword here lol, the Darron 886A are NOT MII.

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Tepphar 886A is not MII, its made in Tunisia and it feels like non MII.
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That's too bad. I really like 886A, very unique looking. But I'm just not a fan of non mii diesel.
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Those dbg are kickass, please don't buy 29w. I want to buy them on sale

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Yea, I'm waiting for that sale date as well.

@ Baltimore, 29w might be too small for me. I asked them about the waist size before and 30 should fit ok. So no worries there buddy.
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Btw, the bandanna in the back pocket is removable. In case you were wondering.
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Their FB launch voucher still works!


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Baltimore and Dieselicious, same here, I will wait and order it once it goes on sale. Damn, it's $6xx something right now >.<



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Actually, I see $5xx when I sign in. But regardless, that's still expensive.
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Yeah for US costumers its 528,57$ because no VAT. 

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No qwerk, you see $5xx because you have your 10% coupon when you like their facebook page

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But when I login to cultizm.com and add them to my cart It shows 528. So if I like them on Facebook price is gonna be 4xx something then?
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Not sure how the whole pricing thing works with them, but as soon these go on sale, I'm all in. Hopefully they still have my size by then.

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qwerk, I think you may right, if you add your 10% coupon it will even lower :-S But all US order have to + like $13 for shipping tho :-<


Dieselicious, dude, I need a 30 waist size too! hahah we'll have to fight to gettttt itttt

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