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Just when we thought we'd seen everything when it comes to denim, Naked and Famous (the company who brought us the Glow in the Dark Jean) has surprised us once again. The Canadian denim brand recently debuted a pair of men's jeans that smell like raspberry candies when scratched.


The jeans are coated in a special coating which contains microcapsules of perfume. The jeans are coated and then baked. The capsules then release fragrance once they are scratched. According the the company, the scratch and sniff lasts at least up to 5 washes but could last longer depending on the wearer's use. So far, the brand has only released the scratch and sniff jean in their Weird Guy fit, a slim leg fit, which is made from 12.5 oz denim. No word on if the brand will release more styles and fragrances in the future. They retail for $150 and are available for purchase on the company's website.


What do you think of this idea, crazy or cool?