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Some good summer washes

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What good summer washes do you recommend? 

So far I have the 8x2's, but I am looking at the darron 8mz.  Any other bright cool summer washes, doesn't have to be from the new season and preferably cheaper.

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Darron 8MZ is a hot wash! I have them and love them!

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I have all three: thavar 8x2, darron 8mz and krooley 8nj. I must say that thavar 8x2 really worth buy it buy

the most different and summer wash is krooley 8nj. I never saw a jeans with that color before, but its very hard

to find this days. For 2012 summer collection there arent any bright blue jeans. In fact, this summer collection

looks like a winter collection: many dark blue jeans.

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I plan to be rocking my Shioner 8PN this summer!!

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Safado 886p as well as the Krooley 886p are nice denim for summer wear.  Shioner 8pn is good too if you want a skinnier fit.


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