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Balmain Pre-Fall 2012

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With a new designer there is a new aesthetic and new pre-collections to go along. Olivier Rousteing kept his word when he said he wanted to take Balmain back to it's couture days. For the pre-fall collection that is exactly what he did. This is probably the most couture-esque collection that has been sent out by the fashion house in quite some time. He got rid of the destroyed look that was favored by Christophe Decarnin. He cleaned up the lines, used more luxe fabrics, and added the couture detail to every single centimeter. What do you think of this new approach?


balma-pre-autumn-fall-20121.jpg      balma-pre-autumn-fall-20122.jpg


balma-pre-autumn-fall-20123.jpg      balma-pre-autumn-fall-20124.jpg


balma-pre-autumn-fall-20125.jpg      balma-pre-autumn-fall-20126.jpg


balma-pre-autumn-fall-20127.jpg     balma-pre-autumn-fall-20128.jpg


balma-pre-autumn-fall-20129.jpg     balma-pre-autumn-fall-201210.jpg


balma-pre-autumn-fall-201212.jpg     balma-pre-autumn-fall-201217.jpg


balma-pre-autumn-fall-201219.jpg     balma-pre-autumn-fall-201221.jpg


balma-pre-autumn-fall-201222.jpg     balma-pre-autumn-fall-201223.jpg


balma-pre-autumn-fall-201224.jpg     balma-pre-autumn-fall-201225.jpg

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Interesting. Some I love some I hate.

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