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Is.... http://www.jeansonlinestock.com/ ...LEGIT ?????

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Are they legit and have anyone ordered from them before???



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They are diesels stock photos. I wouldn't trust them. 

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Never trust a site with stock pics, with so many jeans in stock, with such an ugly website like 12-year old made it, with no address or tel number

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ive have just ordered two pair for 300, i am praying that they show up and are real, its been about a week or so



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Thanks All . @Tavishc.. please keep us updated .. Thankssss

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say goodbye to your 300.
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fuck eh what bullshit i wish the diesel online store would ship to canada

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tavishc... how did jeansonlinestock work out?

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If you have to ask whether this is legit, you should never buy anything online.

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They are fake websites run be savvy Chinese internet frauders. Do not buy anything from this website. You will never see your jeans in the mail.

also beware of this website: 


www.designerjeans.net  <---this is also a scam.


They will make you believe a highly sought after product is half price and they sell in different currencies making you believe they are an international trustworthy company. The truth is the only real international about them is the scam. DO NOT TRUST THEM WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD. If you have already made a purchase, file a dispute after 10 days of not receiving your product. It is not coming so you can dispute it. And file a police report and report them to the FBI. So these websites get taken down.


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Denim blog beware of these fake websites. They do not exist. The only thing real in their website are the photos harvested from legitimate designer website. Please never trust your credit cards with them. Do not purchase anything as you will never see any that you ordered.
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In time, http://www.diesel-outlet.net/ is Legit?



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Fake. As we always say anything with the brand name in the URL is fake. Unless its the official site like diesel.com and store.diesel.com. Don't give your details to these people.
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This fucking China thieves I paid them $207 for Diesel jeans and they sent me jeans value $20 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no answer to my emails !!!! they from Cina ,shanghai,teng Qi Shanghai Limited freig !!!!! and this ashole Tang Huang !!!

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I have purchased one pair of jeans from www.jeanspro.com
I recieved the jeans and it is not what I've ordered. Besides that, it is fake, horrible quality and smells like shit.

This is a fucking Chinese company called Teng Qi Shanghai Limited freig.
They are not responding to my email. Anyone know what can I do? I want my money back!

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contact your CC company and tell them. They will get your money back

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