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Safado sizing question and confusion

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I'm wondering what you guys think about Safado sizing. Some of you said that they run pretty much the same as Zatiny but it seems to me they run actually much smaller than Zatiny. I wear 32 in Zatiny but when I bought one of the Safado in that size they were way too small/tight. Then I thought it could the that specific wash of Safado (it was off white) that could be that tight then I bought other Safado wash online from Fall/Winter collection in 32 w and 32 l and it was again too tight I could barely put them on. Of course I had to return them.

Do you think I should go with 33? or maybe even 34? Zatiny 08m2, 008FC, 8RO and other Zatiny fit me perfectly in 32 but Safado seem to be way too small.

BTW, does anyone of you have  Zatiny 008FC? They seem not to be a bootcut jeans. 

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Does anyone have safado 885r? Do they run pretty long comparing
to zatiny? I'm normally wear 32L in zatiny but
someone said 32 in safari is more like 34.
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I have the 885R. They are true to size. So order your zatiny size. Although they have 3D stacking so they will be longer overall. 

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Safado's run true to size for me as well as Zatiny. Zatiny is a slim boot cut so you won't see the flare as much as a Zathan which have a wider flare.

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I bought online safado 885r 32x32 but they were way too small
for me. They were skintight. I could barely put them on.
All Zatiny in 32x32 (I have around 6 different washes) fit me perfectly.
Safado is diffrent cut, but they are way smaller in W and thighs than
This was 3rd Safado I returned because they were way small for me
in w32. I think I will get 33 or even 34... I'm not sure now how
much bigger 33 is.
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Surprising... I always wear 32x32 in Zatiny... and I just bought the safado 32x32 and it was loose in waist and definitely long like 34... so I exchanged this one with 31x32 because I'm unable to find 30L so 31W works for me but a little tight on thighs.

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I have the same issue with every safado with only one exception -- stretch 8Y8. The thighs are tighter than zatiny and I have to size up one.


Safados are what made me nervous about getting into skinny cuts and why I consequently have several now-too-baggy thanaz' and thavars.

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I did the same the first time I bought thavar. I sized up from my Safado size and I got a pair of thavar which looked like they had saddle bags.
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My safado 885r stretched a bit so now 33 seem a little bit loose but
after I wash them they go back to normal but 32 way way too tight even if they stretched.

I want to buy thavars. Do they run true to size. Zatiny in 32 fits
me perfectly. Do yoy think I should get thavars in 33 like Safado?
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What size are you on your Safados? compared to Darron and Larkee?

Especially 880i, Is it slimmer than other Safados you have? Could you size down?(Ive seen the picutres you posted).

Tommorrow ill go try the 885r in size 30 and 29, hopes it will fit like 880i.

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I'm a 31 in krooley, braddom , larkee, viker. 32 in safado, Darron, iakop. Mostly a 32 in thavar, thanaz and shioner but on occasion I've had to size up on some washes, i.e. 801A and 887K. but I've always got a 32 on all my safados but even though the 880I and 885R are tight, I don't think it effects the overall look of the jeans.
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Thanks for helping, as always.
the 880i fits the same as 885r? I tried 30x32 885r and it feels the same way as size 29 larkee feels before it stretches, though it feels little bit shorter than other jeans . I heard the the 880i runs long, is that true?
I tried safado 74z and the material felt thin, unlike the 885r, which felt very thick. It was a little bit unproportinate between the waist and the thighs.
I think I'll take 31 for more relaxed fit.
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The 880I is as tight as the 885R. But 880I and 882B are the two best safados ever made IMHO!!
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Can anyone guide me if I should stick with the current size of Safado 885R 31x32 or size up for 32x32. Please check this album :



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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I think the fit is perfect. Just how Safado should look.
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This 885R is my first safado.. always a Zatiny fan and wears 32x32... but If I go 32x32 for this safado 885R the waist and hips are lose but thighs are comfortable.. If I size down as in pictured 31x32.. waist is good.. hips and thighs are little tight so if it stretches I'll be OK.. 

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On my 885R, 882B, 880I the thighs are a little tight but I think they look great for you.
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Hi Phukette,


I wear Zatinys 28x30. Most washes fit me pretty much perfect. Depending on wash, might feel a lil tight or a lil loose, nothing to complain about really.


They sit well low on the waist (the whole of the wide underwear belt is visible) and I like it.


I am getting decent deals from mandmdirect.com LINK HERE


Specially for Larkee, Viker, and Safado. Length 32 is the only option, which I guess I can do with, maybe fold or get them cut or something.


Can you please recommend a fit and what size (waist) for that? 


Thanks a ton.



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I would say stick with your zatiny size and get them hemmed to fix the length.

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I agree 880i is one the best diesel wash.
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@ dutchtt they look very nice icon_smile.gif I have multiple safado's its a nice cut. I like how they sit on my hips and not baggy as larkee. I Just started to wear slim-skinny they are nice too. You should try them i am 185cms tall and weight 77kgs skinny jeans dont look that bad either.

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@dutchtt They're perfect for you. 

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^^ I'm 185cm and I don't have any problem to wear slim / skinny cuts... Just be sure, you get L34 in your case.

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