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New Diesel stuff on Yoox

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Guys, go to yoox.com, then go to the Men section and search for diesel, do this from the searchbar!


There are loooooots of new diesel items :O I just bought darron 8x8 in my size (i hope it fits, 28w,32L) for 135EURO and free shipping! Used the discount code NIGHTFEVER for 10% off, valid for 2-3hours.



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Thnks for the info! :) But the discount code doesn't work for me :( ,

I bought Tepphar 8PK and 8NA :D

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wow... some unusual and rare washes:-/

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nice im gonna go see

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Pretty cool icon_smile.gif

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is there an active discount code at the moment? anyone knows?

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Yes, there was a discount code. Try - LOVEMYDREAMBOX - it should work, but not sure if for all items. Anyway, try it. Yoox has some good deals right now vans.php

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