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Diesel Iakop 881Z

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Hey guys,


does anyone knows where i can buy the Iakop 881Z??? Can't find them, and i'm wondering why these jeans are so rare?!? I've seen them just one time in a fashion shop but not in my size. I would prefere a 30/32 size.

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They were only released for a short time in diesel's european market. I like them too but I doubt I'll ever get a pair without paying out the ass for em cause I live in the US.

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But i've not even seen them in European online shops... only the Braddom edition!

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saw them in different stores in germany. Wormland and PuC had them

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Diesel store had them here. Even on sale. I guess diesel stores in germany should have them too.
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The only shop in my near doesn't have my size. If anyone can get the pants for me in 30/32, pls contact me icon_wink.gif

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This secured french site has it in your size for 240 euros. http://www.faubourgdesmarques.com/jean-diesel-iakop-881z,fr,4,Jeans-Diesel-IAKOP-881Z.cfm

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If i click on your link, i see the jeans, but if i search for myself on this site, i can't find them and especially nothing from Diesel. This is strange, why is this so??


...and in the ordering process it seems that you can't change the shipping country to germany.

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Bought them today:) and the wonder is, i didn't even have to travel far. Bought them in Siegen, next City to my village. For 170€ in sale:)

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pls show me some fit pics =)


did they still had my size 30x32???

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Originally Posted by weidner View Post

pls show me some fit pics =)


did they still had my size 30x32???

fit pics posted here



don't know if your size was available, but there were alot:P

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