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Sizing Advice Please (LARKEE 74Y)

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Hi guys, I need some help figuring out what size to order. 


I have a pair of Zatiny 8AT and they fit almost perfectly (a lil tight).. keep in mind that they're stretched out as I've had them for a few years now.


I just lost a lot of weight recently but I'm between sizes. As I type, I am wearing a pair of Zatiny 88z size 36 which I manage to put on and take off without having to unbotton it. 6 months ago before I started dieting it would barely fit me.. I would wear it with the top button open to stay comfortable. Now its too loose and it keeps falling down below my butt.


I was surprised to be able to squeeze into my Zatiny 8AT since its a big size difference.. the pairs of 34 n 33 i had are all gone now. I have a closet full of 30 zathans (which I tried to put on.. but I can't even get them up all the way.. they're too small). I have a Viker 72C (sz 30 too) which I can put on me.. but not button up. 


So the question is.. should I go for a size 32 Larkee? I really like the wash that's why I'm considering buying a larkee. I just want to make sure it wouldn't be THAT much bigger than the Zatiny 8AT.. and not much smaller either. I want it to carry me through until I get down to size 30 where I can wear my older jeans. That's why I don't want to order a size 34 or something (which would get too big too soon). 


If you ask why even bother buying a pair of jeans if you plan to lose weight.. well, I need to put some pants on.. my Zatiny 88z just developed a near crotch hole so I can't wear em in public anymore.. and I'm in a conservative homophobic country so I can't wear my 8AT in public yet.. (because they fit me like skin tight).. thus, there's the need for a mid-way pair.


Your thoughts? Those who know the LARKEE fit.. and/or the 74Y wash fit.




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I would just go by advice/comparisons given prior had it been a general zatiny wash. I searched the forums. 8AT is said to be stretchy so I'm second guessing. 

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My Zatiny 8at was always one of my tighter fitting washes in the upper thigh, butt and crotch areas and was pretty thick denim, I didn't wear them every day so I guess mine never really stretched out much, I also don't wash or dry my jeans so the fibers stay tight. Larkee is a little more relaxed in the thigh and if I remember correctly (I have never owned a pair of larkee but have tried them on a few times) The waist is the same as zatiny but the rise is a little higher so they don't feel skin tight in the thigh, crotch area like Zatiny. I havent tried on this wash yet in the shioner or larkee so I'm not sure if this particular wash runs tighter. If I were you I would check the forums to see if 74y runs big or small in either cut and that should help you make your decision. I think you will be fine with a 32 in larkee being the size you are now, and if you lose considerably more weight after, then you could always sell them to size down.

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