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My new purchases (pix)

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Here are the first pix of my new purchases from a guy I bought my last two Thanaz from. He was selling more and offered me first refusal.


I picked up Thanaz 72W, Thanaz 8C9, Thanaz 8L4_Stretch and Levis 510 skinny fit. All for £200. He also threw in the Diesel bag free!


I will post fit pix tomorrow! (although I do have pix of him wearing them)



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You got a good deal there and nice jeans !

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Here are the fit pix!


Ignore the H&M top that doesn't go with the jeans but I only put the jeans on to take pix for here.


Levis 510




Thanaz 8L4_Stretch




Thanaz 8C9




Thanaz 72W




Topman Skinny



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They all fit well except the Levis' They are just a tad too tight, but maybe you could sag them a little to make up for it. (this is just my opinion of course). Im impressed you did really good for yourself.

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The Levis don't look that tight in reality. The picture makes them look really tight, tighter than they are!

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I really like the 8L4's, looking good chief.

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Yeah, I'm not into the levi's at all, The back pockets are too offset for skinnies... Great fits on all the Thanaz though, 72w looks the best IMO. The topman is a great fit but not a fan of the wash at all... Maybe if I saw them with an outfit that complimented them.


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Cool stuff Lee, I too like those 8L4's :)

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I like it~

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