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Shipping from America to Europe: risks?

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European website have much more expensive products than American websites. I would love to order jeans from an American website but i don't know if i should. I ordered an NBA Detroit Pistons jersey a few years ago for $120 and when it came to my house i had to pay a @!% $200 extra bill to collect it!! Does that happen a lot or was i just really unlucky with my first American purchase? Is there a way to avoid problem with those stupid customs?

Thanks guys.

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What country are you in? If you could get the parcel stamped as gift and with no bills inside, it would help!!!

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I also had troubles in the past with our german customs. I bought a Thavar 8x2 and when I wanted to pick them they told me that I have to pay around 120€ fees. I told them fuck you guys ship them back I won't pay that much.

I also wanted to buy many times stuff from USA but like you I'm afraid I can get troubles.

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Yeah, it depends on the country, any package imported from outside the EU will be subject to import taxes and VAT on the entire total including the delivery charge. I'm from Ireland and between the two it's over 35% on top of the price. Not worth it. 

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contact the store and tell them to put a very low price on the invoice ( less than 50$) then u shouldnt pay any fees.

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Simply don't buy from there. With shipping costs (even not including taxes and shit) you'll always get the same price. It's not worth it. Just buy it from here, you pay a bit more but you can try it, send it back if you not like it, no drama.

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I've sent and received dozens of packages to/from the US and had like maybe 2/3 times where there were customs fees.


One time I bought a DH jeans from an american...he put the real value on the package (-_-') ...when it arrived I had to pay like 200€ of taxes (above a certain amount declared on the customs form, it's an obligation to tax it, under, it's not...so they pick random packages to tax)...refused to pay..they sent back the package (free!! i thought they were going to ask the sender to pay for the return but no). So when the guy got it back, I told him to put a low value and send it again, received it with no trouble this time.


Everytime I send packages there i put a low value and never had problems and no one has ever complained to me they had to pay anything once received. I've sent parcels to the entire world, china, japan, australia, thailand....


Another thing is that some companies (ups, fedex...) have included "customs control" and they tax almost every package that go across their hands...


Online store, often for "legal" obligations don't want to put lower value when they send a package abroad...that why you have more risks to get caught...


Not putting any bill in the package won't help either because they will hold the package, send you a letter asking you to send a bill to prove the amount put on the customs form.


Only time it happenned to me, french customs didn't send anything and had to make many phone calls and at the end managed to be connected to the customs service that manage parcels at the airport and stuff and they found my package...anyway, 2 days after sending them the documents, I got the parcel...



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i also bought jeans from usa 2 years ago and the austrian customs asked 120 euros.......the funny thing is you have to go to the post office pay the 120 euros and then they will hand out the jean.....they dont give you their bank accoutn so that u can pay them later no u have to pay immediatly.....

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