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Okay, today I wore my last new stuff from the NY trip, my DBG Superbia 8BT jeans. They're my first DBG denim and I'm not sure where they fit exactly into the Diesel hierarchy. Quality is impeccable, then so is the regular Diesel denim for the most part. The fit is kind of a cross between Safado with a lower waist, and Thavar as far as thigh goes, and they have some taper in them too. The wash is a darker but bright blue with very mild distressing. The black lines on the thighs is actually dyed into the fabric, not molded in like the "stacks" around the ankles. Anyway they're very comfortable.


DBG Superbia jeans

KidRobot "Things That Hurt" tshirt

My trusty new chrome Onitsuka Tigers



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Hi guys I joined the blog in search of the 5th avenue limited edition Thavar 0075G I have this pair for over a year and it has frayed at the crouch I will try to do a repair stitch but want to get exact replacement if possible love this one...my all time favorite n is high on my Diesels...I am visiting NY in July2013 so any suggestions where I could get a pair would be welcome
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Good luck with that! It was a limited edition and was only available on the flagship store on 5th avenue. I've been looking for a pair for a long time and no joy. Sorry mate but nothing short of a miracle will get you those jeans.
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@ viber


As they are old season, you wont find them in Diesel stores. As they were exclusive to flagship stores around the world only, you will also do extremely well to find them in outlets. I have had two pairs which I got from ebay. The first was a US pair in a 31x30 which I sold as it had stretched. I still have BNWT UK pair in a 31x32 which Im debating keeping or not.


I have also been looking for them still in a 30x30 but It will be a miracle if I find them.

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Art, great DBG's! I like that shirt too! 

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There's also Hong Kong version too, so maybe have some luck finding them in Asia sites too... but good luck!

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I love my Italian version. Got it from marketplace here. One of the few diesel jeans that I really love.
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