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New York City Diesel shopping

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I'm going to be back in New York City in a month, and I've mentioned previously it's my favorite place in the world for shopping Diesel. I already plan on hitting the Diesel flagship store, as well as Soho, and maybe Union Square and Lexington. I've found that there is sometimes small differences in the stock the different stores keep, and of course Soho seems to have become the de facto Black Gold store. My other don't miss is Sak's Fifth Avenue, I've always found some different styles/washes there that are not offered at the Diesel stores.

So in a prior thread, it was mentioned that there are other places I need to check out too. What are they?

And has anyone been to the Diesel Outlet Store in Woodbury Commons? If it's worth checking out, I will head out that way one day.

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Diesel store in Woodbury common is hit or miss. In the 5 times I've been I've been very lucky twice and very unlucky 3 times. But right across from diesel is a amazing g-star outlet and allsaints outlet with bargains a-plenty! Enjoy new York you lucky bastard, I'm so jealous!!

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So what will I find at the Outlet Store? Last season's stuff as bargain basement prices? Stock made only for the outlet stores? Or a bunch of crap that didn't sell that they're trying to unload?

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You'll find all of the above. There is some awful tacky and ugly shit in that store but you might get lucky and find some diamonds in amongst all that crap. 

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Any other suggestions for Diesel shopping in New York? I'll be there in just over a week, and other than the outlet store, I've had no further suggestions to my regular haunts. In a thread a couple months ago, people mentioned there being other places to shop for Diesel in the city, let's hear them please!

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I'm here and I guess I'm on my own. Got to the city around 1 yesterday and have already been to the flagship store and Sak's. There is a limited edition "US wash Thavar" made for and sold only there, I will be getting those. Sak's has three jeans I'm interested in and I have an $86 rewards card there. Headed now to the Woodbury Outlet store. My plan is to see everything first then go back and buy at least two pairs plus whatever I find at the outlet store. Results and pictures later.

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What all did you try on? Whats the name of the washes you bought?

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Try a shop called probus on the upper east side. It's a good bit up on 181th street.  Good diesel there but youll find the best collection in union square and 5th ave. what's the wash codes of those jeans? I'm eager to find out more about the limited edition thavar wash you mentioned. 

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Well, the outlet store was somewhat of a letdown. Jeans were just 25% off regular price, less than when the regular stores and diesel.com have sales. And there were no styles or washes I haven't seen before. I guess a Diesel "beginner" would find some stuff there, but for us "afficionados" if you'd wanted what they were selling, you'd have already bought it.

I did buy a belt that was originally $140 for 60% off and found a pair of sneakers at the Prada store I liked enough to buy. They are their old style laceup driving mocs in a brushed, not shiny, black leather. $435 marked down to $225.

Now back to Diesel. I first went to Bloomingdales on Lexington at the suggestion of a Sak's clerk. They have a large Diesel section but nothing I hadn't seen yet. Went back to Sak's, tried on some really cool wash Safados (sorry don't remember the code), the "charcoal wash" Darrons, and the new 8880K Thanaz. Ended up buying those, $240-$86 rewards card. They are a summer weight bright blue wash with white stitching and mild distressing, really like them.

The Thavar-US limited editions carry the wash code 0075G, dark with medium distressing. Bought them at the 5th Ave store, $295. They say Thavar-US on the inside label, have another label inside with a US flag and note they are made exclusively for this store. The outer waist patch is also special, overall very cool I think. I am attaching a crappy cellphone pic but will have to wait till I get home to show some better details. 

I have officially spent my denim budget for the trip but I might stretch if I find something else still. I will look up the Probus store tomorrow.

(sorry, can't figure out how to post a pic with my Ipad)


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i did a search for 'diesel 0075g' and found pics on this website...





looks like 74y but w/o the knee patch...

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Looks to be it or really close. 

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Hey Art I sent you a PM about those jeans, let me know please!

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Check my reply Sideways. I ended up in SoHo this morning, went to the Diesel store on Spring Street to view their Black Gold only to be told that as of last week, the old Denim Gallery around the corner on Greene is now the Black Gold Boutique. 

It's very small but seems to have the entire current DBG collection on display. I tried on two washes of Superbia and one of Peacock and walked out with a medium dark Superbia. Their labelling is completely different but I think 82G might be the wash code. Their fit is similar to Thavar but they were very tight comparatively, I had to go up from 32 to 34 to make the thigh fit okay with me and the waist is still not too loose. I would recommend trying these on for sure before buying them. 

I have now bought three pairs of jeans, one more than I intended but it's so tempting while they're all right in front of you. I'll post up some pics when I get home.

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I was able to order a pair of the Thavar-US special editions from that store in NYC, thanks for the heads up Art. Could you post some pics of them when you get home?? I'm very curious to see how they look.

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Glad it worked out. It's a little known fact that most Diesel stores will ship directly if they have  something that's not available online. I've also had two occasions where one store that was out of something located it in another store and had it shipped to me, I've had great experience with Diesel store service.

Got home late last night, I'll post some pics of all my purchases in the next couple of days.

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I look forward to seeing them mate. Glad u enjoyed your trip. 

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Okay, back to work today, here's the first of my NY haul. I ended up with 3 new pairs of jeans, two pairs of shoes, a tshirt, and a belt. My carryon bag was squeezed to sausage proportions.


Thavar-US (075G)

KidRobot tshirt

Onitsuka Tiger sneakers




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^^Great choice.


By the way, the stock in each Diesel store may vary a bit but 5th Ave is actually considered the PLANET store and it has every item that Diesel makes for the U.S. as far as I've learned.

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Nice pics Art, I'm looking forward to my Thavar-US arriving any day now. I'd love to check out that 5th ave store sometime, time to plan a trip to New York I guess!

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3 Floors of everything Diesel makes for the U.S.  Mirrors that capture an image of you a few seconds earlier so you can show your back and then turn around and look at how the jeans look on you from the rear! The store and being it really is an amazing experience for anyone, especially a Diesel lover!

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Today's outfit featured two of the new items and one old tshirt that some of you have already complained about.


Thanaz 8880K

Urban Outfitters tshirt

Prada sneakers




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Is that a Planet Ocean chrono on your wrist? :p

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Originally Posted by reed3412 View Post

Is that a Planet Ocean chrono on your wrist? :p

It is. Bought it on the Sharkproof bracelet, bought the leather strap while in NY last week for a change up.


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Nice, my orange PO is out being serviced... Really miss it. Have had mine on leather a while, really do not miss the weight of the steel bracelet.


I kind of wish I had not sent back my pair of Thanaz 8880K, lol.

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Originally Posted by ArtNouveau View Post

Today's outfit featured two of the new items and one old tshirt that some of you have already complained about.


Thanaz 8880K

Urban Outfitters tshirt

Prada sneakers





Hey man that shirt is kool so I won't be one to complain about them.  But those 8880K do so much for you, I would be wearing a plain white tee showing those off :) Either way, well put together!


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