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Luggage for your denim?

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Sure premium denim can come with a hefty price tag and you want to do everything you can to protect it. Method Design has teamed up with Demham denim to create luggage especially for denim. The wooden steamer trunk, which took over 300 hours to construct, is made of lightweight wood, has hand-stitched leather frames. It also features details like a denim carousal, small work station and garment securing methods. While the prototype will be on display at 100% Design Exhibition in London.


What do you think of this luxury luggage? Would you consider it for your jeans?

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Absolutely. I am always paranoid about traveling with my jeans. I usually make sure I have them with me on my carryon luggage. They are worth waaay too much to risk losing under the plane. That would like checking a bag with $5000 cash or something.

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I recall seeing one luggage from Louis Vuitton that had similar design.  however that one is quite heavy and I'm sure it'll get stolen if you don't either fly private or first class.. even I bet first class there's good chance of it gone missing.



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I do think that having a more protective suitcase for clothing (denim included) would be a good idea but with all the restrictions on luggage, I bet it'd be hard to have a protective suitcase that isn't huge/weigh a ton. Last time I checked a bag and it was overweight (54 lbs) they wanted to charge me $90 to check it!

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exact same thing happened to me. $90!

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