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Diesel Shirts

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Hi guys!


Have a question namely how is the size of a Diesel shirt? I have a M (from Diesel) shirt, but it is about 7 cm too long, so does a S shirt fit me?



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some of the ts have different lenghts so are mine too.

i wouldnt buy size s it might be too small

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So size S is by far smaller than M in the lenght?



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When M or S changes the length but hardly the only collar size!
I've tried all sizes but it has nothing to change the length of the shirt!

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So the S's length will be also too big? :/


and does anyone know if I order now by express (@diesel.com) will they supply until friday? (I'm from Austria)



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Also manche Shirts sind eher kurz geschnitten.

Der Unterschied zwischen S und M ist kaum wahrnehmbar.

Ich finde so kurze Hemden eh nicht so toll.



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es soll ja nur deshalb kurz sein weil ich nicht so groß bin :)



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Ich bin auch nicht so groß um die 1,70-1,75

Manche Diesel sind kurz geschnitten einfach probieren.


Und schau mal bei Hollister !!!

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