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We want to know what Diesel  jeans people want, both old and new, what is the best new style out there and what is the best style Diesel have produced.  We have been selling Diesel jeans for over 7 years so I know some of the best sellers, but really interested to see what people think, here are my personal choices for some of the best jeans both old and new.


Best New Style: THAVAR


Best Style Ever Released: ZATHAN or THANAZ


Greatest Classic Wash: 796 (could have been 71J or 772 but I have owned the Koffha, Kratt, Kuratt, Rhioma and Zathan in 796!!)


Best New Wash: 880W (amazing in the Safado and Shioner)


Would love to hear other peoples opinions on this, especially the new season items, we sell a lot of these and are always purchasing more stock so would be great to hear what real Diesel fans want!  Cheers James



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Best new style: Braddom

Best style ever released: Koffha

Greatest classic wash: 71J

Best new wash: 886B or 887D

This changes all the time tho. Diesel had a couple of slack seasons but for the past 2-3 they've upped their game and every season bring something new and interesting. I mean, I thought they could never top the 882B or 881Z from last season but the 887D ad 886B proved me wrong. And Im sure there are lots more that I haven't seen yet!!

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I agree the last few season have just got better.  I liked the Krooley 8X9 and was not sure we would see a better grey jean than that.  We have ordered Thavar 886B and Braddom 887D for our stores as they could potentially be better than the 8X9.


Good shout on the Braddom, we have the 881Z for sale in our store and it a quality jean, a lot of the Blue Eyecons jeans have been great washes as well such as the 8N1 and 8NE.




If you ever want any jeans give me an email here as we may be able to get them or have them in stock and we will give you a great price also, our store link is as follows:



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886p krooley!

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best new style: Braddom 

Best style ever released: Darron or Thavar

Greatest Classic Wash: 8sv

best new wash: 886B


Im not sure why I just found this thread


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Best New Style : Shioner

Best Style Ever Released : Thanaz for skinnies Zathan for bootcut (Zathan is legendary, best bootcut ever made)

Best Classic Wash : 82n (The details in this wash are AMAZING! If they re-released this in thanaz I would kill for it)

Best New Wash : 887d

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One wash I have yet to see in person was Zathan 764 it was a nice dark blue with great fading and whiskering throughout and then had a bunch of rust caked all over it! I've been told there was literally rust falling off of them if you shook them brand new off the rack! I've seen an unwashed pair on ebay with very high quality pics and I must say that was definitely one of my favorite washes that I wish diesel would re release! Has anyone seen these or had the luxury of owning them?


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Hi, we actually had about 40 pairs in stock quite a number of years ago now.  The Zathan 764 was caked in a rust coloured dirt effect, they were awesome jeans and a really good seller.  We also had the Levan 764 but this did not fair so well, apart from the 772 it was a poor selling style and even the 772 was one of the weakest styles in that legendary wash.  Zathan 764 was a great jean though, not sure it would be in my all time favourites but I have seen them sell for crazy prices even second hand

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I want a pair of Safado-A 0019N in W29 L32!

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Best new style: Tepphar

Best style ever released: Thanaz

Greatest classic wash: 72L/ 8WW

Best new wash: 880R/ 881W

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Best new style:THAVAR

Best style ever released: SAFADO

Greatest classic wash: 87J

Best new wash: 0886P


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Considering the last couple of seasons I now have a new takes on my all time favourite Diesel:





Best Style Ever Released: TEPPHAR or THANAZ


Greatest Classic Wash: 796 (could have been 71J or 772 but I have owned the Koffha, Kratt, Kuratt, Rhioma and Zathan in 796!!)


Best Wash From Last 2 Seasons: 887V


Best New SS13 Wash: 75L (probably in the Darron) and 807D (Tepphar)


Would love to hear what others think also!

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If anybody has a diesel jhima-r denim jacket I will pay anything for it size L
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