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Diesel Chinos

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Hi, everybody


The last days i've been looking for some chinos through the net to buy my first pair. But it seem to be hard to find some decent fitted chino. I would like to know if you guys know straight leg chino that would fit like Viker or even Safado ? Thanks in advance.

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The g-star bronson chino. It's straight leg and fits like Safado. I have 3 pairs and if u like, I can post fit pics tomorrow?

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Thanks for the answer i'm gonna check them. And for the pics sure, it could be cool :) by the way I'm looking for chino because i plan to buy a Diesel Jhiman jacket, and it's seems to to be the best way to go with. oh and..what size should i take ? since i'm a w 30 l 32 in Diesel "viker" and "zatiny" ?

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Size up 1 inch in the waist and the length is the same. G-star is quite small fitting. 

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I bought Diesel Chi-Blado.... could be something for you too.

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I checked the Diesel Chi-Blado, but i'm not a big fan of them...

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Why not get something like safado-a 19n or darron-a gpw? They are chino-like. You can buy the Thanaz-a for $140 on ssense.com right now

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If you are in Europe, you can consider this one. Avaliable in beige, black and brown.



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"Closed" has the best Chinos



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G-Star Bronson chinos as promised. Sorry it's a little late but herenthey are in black and brown:


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Thanks for the pics Phukette. I think the fit is good, i'm gonna try to find a pair on ebay but a "beige" or "khaki" one.

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There are two colour types for beige. "sand" is light and "nomad" is the slightly darker one. I'd go for the nomad pair if u can get them. Oh and I've sized up one in both those pairs do if you want them slimmer then go for your usual size. 

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http://cgi.ebay.fr/Mens-G-Star-Bronson-Straight-Nomad-Chino-N1-RRP-85-/170725346567?pt=UK_Men_s_Trousers&hash=item27c0060d07 is that the pair you told me ? If yes, i'm mad because they don't have my size anymore....

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That's the pair. Sorry dude, does anywhere else have them?

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Don't be sorry, it's not your fault. I seen them too late. I think i can find them on other sites but not at this price (which was perfect for me icon_wink.gif).

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Pity. I hate when that happens. 

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Has anyone checked out the German clothing company Close and their website, as recommended by provocateur Weenie?


What do you guys think about colored chinos for SS12?


Makaveli0791 and Phukette, would you go for a shade lighter in chinos for warmer weather?


I personally love color -- the more the better -- but I am more comfortable wearing colored denim than colored chinos (like, navy makes me barf, for example).

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I quite like coloured chinos on women but not so much a fan on men. It's all individual preference but I'm nearly 30 and would feel a little ridiculous wearing them as I feel they would be more suited to someone younger. As for lighter coloured chinos, I wouldn't mind them for warmer weather but I'm Irish and I'd have to get the warmer weather first!!!

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Well, In my case I'm not into "flashy"colored pants, if i wear chino i want them khaki or beige, i think they are good colors when it comes to summer and warmer weather.

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Khaki/beige/brown/grey/black chinos are ok in my mind. Im with Phukkette. I am almost 30 and brightly colored Chinos would look kind of ridiculous on me(even though I look like I'm in high school--people still say, "you are way too young to be married..lol)

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Btw, I finally ordered a pair of "Darron 8qu" for 60 euros on Asos (i will recieve them next week). It's not a "Chino" but i thought I had to give a try to it. Is that a good choice ? Oh and thanks for all the advice and pics Phukette ;)

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No probs dude, I got the dark beige 8qu in krooley and theyre awesome. You'll love em. 

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I'm glad to hear form ya'll about colored chino. Thanks for replying!


What about a colored chino material as a jacket or even work bag? I don't think age matters in terms of color. Cut and style, yes, but I think men can wear bright colors at any age if it's done tastefully. It's sexy when a guy is confident enough to wear, for example, purple. The Sartorialist features lots of men (especially guys in Milan, for some reason) who wear bold, jewel-like colors.


What do you guys think?


And Makaveli0791, will you post pics of your Darron 8qu from Asos when they arrive? Would love to see how they look!

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Btw, I finally ordered a pair of "Darron 8qu" for 60 euros on Asos (i will recieve them next week). It's not a "Chino" but i thought I had to give a try to it. Is that a good choice ? Oh and thanks for all the advice and pics Phukette ;)


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Well, fit pics is not something that i can do since i don't have a good camera(also i still didn't receive my pair of 8qu). By the way I also finally bought a G-Star Bronson chino in the Nomad colour, i found them in a shop near my town icon_smile.gif.
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Do you like your new chino makaveli?

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