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Would you wear overalls?

Poll Results: Would you rock overalls?

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    Yes, I love them!
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Overalls began popping up on runways like Ralph Lauren, a few seasons ago. While some thought it was a  fleeting trend, overalls slowly started popping up on celebrities like Katie Holmes and Rihanna and eventually have made their way down to the mass market, with brands like Madewell featuring them in their upcoming collections.


What do you think of the overalls trend, is this a trend you'd try or are you waiting for it to die?

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I'm waiting for this trend to die. I did wear overalls but that was back in the 7th grade and although they are super comfy, I don't think I'll be sporting overalls anytime soon.

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not so much

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I agree with both of you. I lived in overalls as a kid but don't think it's a good look for adults.

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