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New Year's Eve Attire

Poll Results: What will you be wearing on New Year's Eve?

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    A blazer
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    Something with color
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    A skirt
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    I can't decide
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Hey ladies! Jenny May here from The Swede Records


New Year's Eve is just around the corner and in between sipping on my Starbucks peppermint latte and blasting the Mariah Carey Christmas album, I've been racking my brain for the perfect New Year's outfit to ring in 2012.


December 31st is a time for shiny new beginnings, it's a kind of a renaissance of the individual and what better way to be transformed than with a new positive outlook on life with a fun sense of style?!  Whether you are attending a glitzy soiree, staying in with family and friends, or partying all night long, it's the perfect night to be wearing something glamorous.   A New Year's outfit is all about the embellishment and sparkle.  For me, anything sequin related and I'm sold.  But what to wear if you're not into glitter and/or dresses? With these different dramatic looks, there's a sexy style for every girl to chose from and ring in 2012 with a bang!


1 DB.jpg


Pants lover


2 DB.jpg


Sequins lover


3 DB.jpg


Blazer lover


4 DB.jpg


Color lover

5 DB.jpg


Skirt lover


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I love love love those Frankie B sequined jeans! I would probably even wear them after New Year's.


Great post Jenny May! Happy New Year!

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I'll be rocking this Badgley Mischka mini, which I snagged in Minneapolis during an academic conference (oops)...




most likely with some pewter Steve Madden booties and opaque tights. Friends of ours are having a get-together in downtown Detroit and it'll be my first time celebrating NYE there!

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Great post Jenny May!  happy to have you swing by!

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I will be by far the best dressed this NEW YEARS wearing a silver print top and squared crystal mesh on grey skinny fit military Capris, see italia a ibiza jeans dot com to buy the same.

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BY the way... See Italia A Ibiza Jeans homepage Jan 01-Jan 12 for special 30% off new years offer. Don't miss out. 

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