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Diesel Takes a New Route

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DenimBlog recently caught up with Diesel to preview their new collection. It has been learned that they will be taking a new route for their women's division. Diesel has many followers and many fits that have been iconic to the brand, i.e. Matic, Lowky, and Cuddy. What do you devote fans think of this new change?

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I think they need to make their womens jeans with slightly higher rear rises. They have some that are high enough but most of their cuts are ridiculously low in the back. This severely limits the women that can wear them. There is nothing wrong with the front rise of most of them but the rear rise is rather ridiculous. Even True Religions rear rise isnt that low. My wife is very slim and beautiful. Even she is not able to wear Diesel comfortably because of this. If someone who is modelesque, like her cant wear them (without wearing a VERY long shirt) then I imagine there are many women who have the same problem.

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^That's true, and probably the reason why most of the girls I see collecting Diesel are Skittles (cf. my body types wiki: http://www.denimblog.com/c/a/the-12-womens-body-types-and-jeans-that-will-flatter-each ). Girls with both flat butts and short legs won't need as much of a back rise in order to completely cover their behinds, but as soon as you add leg length or any sort of curve to the butt, you need to increase the back rise as well. The best "curvy fit" jeans (most TR, 7FAM dojos, etc) will have close to a 1" difference between the waist measurement "with dip" and the aligned waist, and the higher back rise is the cause of that.

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I also agreed with jeanetic, as there is no harm in making higher rear rises for women.

 This will give them more comfort and ease to wear diesel jeans.Look,diesel have its own brand name and popularity and they should take care of these minor things.



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Thanks, I edited out the links in your posts. Do not put them in there anymore. That is considered spamming.

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Thanks for sharing It's amazing.

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