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New Member, saying Hi.

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Hi All - a new member here.. thought I'd start my thread to introduce myself and very excited to finally join.  I've been lurking on this forum for sometime and definitly looking at fit photos before buying anything.  This forum is great.


I've been in love w/ Diesel jeans since the super old days.  I've moved away to True Religion, Rocks, Nudies, and now back to Diesel again..  I find their fit is most suitable for me.


I started my Diesel love w/ Diesel Rivec & Ravix, still remember the days of baggy relaxed fit.  Then I've owned pair of Recut, Reslim, Riohma 796 (still one of my favorites), Zathans in multiple washes (like many out there), Rabox, Shazor, Onijo, Zaf, Farco, and now moving to the slim jeans that's currently available.


My current jeans that's still in service is pair of Darron Black 64U, Tepphar 8PI, Thanaz 8YH.  I'm eyeing a pair of Thavar, Shioner and maybe Krooley.  I need to go try the Krooley 882D somewhere if its still available.


I have put away following jeans for wall art, as I hang my jeans in condo's in my hall of fame wall, Zathan 772 (original from 2003), Riohma 796, Rock Republic Hanlee that everyone loved, True Religion Joey Big T Cowboy destroyed.


Hope to continue to browse and learn this forum and help out whenever I can, nice to meet you all.




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Welcome  cheer.gif

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Welcome to DB, enjoy your stay here! :)
Based on your introduction I assume that you will provide us with a lot of knowledge and experience! ;)

Also, I've become curious to see some pictures of your mentioned wall art! ^^

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Thanks Daaan!!! 


I will get some photos up of the wall.. i'm still playing around w/ the design.  Initially I 'pin' the jeans flat on the wall w/ some wrinkles and bends like you would see in the store but i dont really like it.  So now I'm thinking to install some industrial metal bars and use metal wires to hang them off the wall like art gallery hangs their photos. 


Since I'm not crazy artists or interior design guy, I dont even know if it'll look cool.. fingers corssed!

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WOOT! Big welcome :)

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