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Diesel Leather Jackets

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I've got all kinds of other Diesel apparel and footwear besides denim, but one of my favorite things in their line are their leather jackets. I think they are always styled a bit out of the ordinary, either the cut or finish stands out compared to the more mainstream brands. They are all very high quality too, at least all of them I've seen in person, and they will last for many years if treated properly. Here goes from newest to oldest.

Sorry, I don't remember the names of them, but this showed up in the S/S 2011 collection for a whopping $995! That was more than any of their other jackets at the time had been and even though I liked it immediately there was no way I could rationalize paying that much when I first saw it in person in February of last year. Then over Memorial Day weekend, I was back in NYC, and without much fanfare, everything in the store except denim was 30% off, at $700 it was a sale. Another caveat, Diesel leather jackets don't often fit the same. This one is medium, I also have larges and XL's in other styles.



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Next newest, from the 2010 F/W collection. It's got a small rubberized patch you can't see in the picture on the shoulder with their then current "Post Lux" motto. Bought this at Neiman's for full price of $695, two weeks later Sak's had it 30% off, a month later, Diesel online had them 50% off. Oh well.



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This one dates back sometime to the early 00's. Bought it at the Dallas Diesel store at its old location before it moved to North Park. I think it was $595. It's very vintage looking and has some interesting blue coloring. Looks great with denim, of course most leather jackets do.IMG_0435.JPG



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This last one is my pride and joy. It dates back to the early to mid '90's. First Diesel leather jacket I'd ever seen (local Neiman Marcus) but it was $550 which was not only a lot back then, it was a WHOLE lot for me. I must have visited it at the store a dozen times, kept hoping it would go on sale before someone else picked it up, but it didn't. They started with one in each size S-XL, I could have worn either M or L. Then one day I dropped in and to my horror only the medium was left. I agonized over the decision but used up most of my NM card's limit on it and never looked back. 

It's very heavy, stiff leather in a classic motorcycle style with a popped up collar, quilted lining, and lots of exterior details both sewn in and held on by leather ties. It has been worn a lot over the years but still looks new (old). I don't know what kind of collector's market there is for these things, but I'm guessing this one would be worth a lot to someone, but I have no intention of selling it.IMG_0431.JPGIMG_0434.JPG

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00sell me  that bluediesel leather jacket ? - e: mattisgl@aol.com

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Sorry, don't want to sell any of them.
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00sell me  that bluediesel leather jacket ? - e: mattisgl@aol.com

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Nice collection art.

I tend to wait for the jacket to go on 50% off before I buy. The full retail price are just too expensive.
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Diesel makes really cool jackets. You got some nice ones.

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