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Denim Trends of the Past Decade

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When trends it the scene in the past it was decades in between each. But in this past decade they all seem to have all repeated in a matter of months. Here is a retrospect of all the denim trends that have happened in this pass one:


2000 - 2002: Flared jeans were everywhere for women and baggy jeans for the men. The bigger the better these years was the motto, somehow. Being not the most flattering the baggy trend withered away for the men.



2003: This was the year of the mini-skirts. Many thanks for the the person that helmed this trend, Paris Hilton. She took it to a level that many would not and shortened the otherwise short skirts even shorter. It was also the beginning of the, not so friendly to the eyes, embellished jeans. I am not just talking any embellished. I'm talking Ed Hardy embellished. Glad to see that is over.



2004: The year of the light washed distressed jeans, thanks to The Olsens. Every girl had to have a pair, whether it be Vintage, Abercrombie, Levi's, Sevens, or even custom done. Jeans were torn to look naturally or even naturally worn out themselves. In other words this was these were years that many looked like they just rummaged through a vintage store and the beginning of what style is today.



2005 - mid-2006: This was the year when style got more free and let's just say, less slutty, for a lack of a better term. Straight-leg jeans were started to kick in, though they were called skinny jeans then. Boho was all the rage for women and vintage tees for the men.



mid-2006 - 2007: The jeans got tighter for the women and so did the ones for the men. '60s Mod kicked in again. Jeans were darker, cleaner, non-distressed. Kate Moss brought the tighter, skin-tight fits in for the women and Hedi Slimane designed the styles for men. Brands like Ksubi, Superfine, and Sass and Bide reigned the streets for being one of the firsts to come out with the skinniest styles. Many say that this trend wouldn't last, but it still is today.



2007: This was the year that brought back the printed and colored trend of the '90s into this decade. Ksubi brought brought out an array as well as J & Company and many others. The trend didn't last that long and will soon take a quick nap for a few years before its return.



2009: This was the year that many would say killed off the skinny jeans, but it didn't. One trend that was brought back was baggy jeans....for the women. Katie Holmes was the rebel that kicked this trend off. She donned styles from Current/Elliott and PRPs and soon after many other followed suit and did the same. Though not as tight as the styles as its sister style, the slouchy skinny was introduced this season as well, also thanks to Katie Holmes. It was also the return of the distressed jeans in darker washes..


It was also the year that the motorcycle jean was introduced. Balmain came out with the style that everyone had to have, but many couldn't afford. So to feed the masses other brands have came out with styles that were much more affordable and just as fashion-forward.



2010: This was the year that probably had every trend of the past crammed into the whole year. Starting off for the first few months, denim leggings were introduced. The skinniest of skinny jeans, these were made of more stretch than the regular pair to add the same comfort of leggings in effort to get women out of the no-pocket predecessor. In the middle of the year there was the cargo trend. This was the biggest trend that happened that year. Every brand and just about everyone jumped on the cargo bandwagon and came out with their own styles of cargos. These weren't the usual baggy college student cargos, they were made slimmer to flatter the body. The middle of the year was also the beginning of the other next big thing, waxed denim. Many have fallen for this being that is has a leather effect without the actual leather.


This would also make the year that the denim jacket made its return. All the girls had to have one of these. It has to the be the most versatile out of all the trend as they can be worn on just about anything at anytime. It was not just for women either. The men jumped on this one as well. Guys like Kanye, Zac Efron, and Justin Timberlake were all caught in them.



2011: This was the year that all these trends carried on over. Colored denim kicked off early Spring. Brights were the color of coice for many. For Summer, Leopard was the biggest thing since the skinny cargos. Everyone had to be seen in a pair, especially the Current/Elliott Leopard jeans. For Fall, both trends were brought back in moodier darker colors and prints, like snake and jewel tones.




It took decades for them to be created in the past and in the past few years for them to be brought back. What do you think is the next big thing?

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I hope men never go back to bootcut...It just looks so bad on most men. This is well written and very interesting! 

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An interesting blast from the past! Frankly, I am waiting impatiently for the jeggings, skinny, cargo, and waxed trends to die, since they are completely unflattering on many of the 12 body types (check out the article I authored on those!) I think that's why I'm trying to learn as much as possible about vintage 7FAM (the 2001-2003 styles), since those bootcut and flared styles, along with wide legs, are the most flattering for my larger legs and I keep going back to those.


I do see flares making quite a bit of a comeback, as well as wide legs (both of which sell well for me), though skinnies in the smaller sizes are still selling briskly. I'm carving a niche for myself in the area of discontinued, older styles (a lot of 7FAM from 2004/5/6) that are no longer offered but are still a lot more flattering on average builds than the extreme styles coming out this season. (And of course, since older styles are harder to find, buyers will know to come to me first for the best rare finds!)

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This was fun to read, wonder whats in it for 2013! Hopefully not flares!

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What do you guys think will be a big trend this year?
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I think trends for men are getting slimmer and slimmer. I can't see the whole skinny jeans thing going anywhere for the time being.
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Cool post Jonathan! I'm certain jeans will carry on being super skinny, stretchy and comfortable as that's what most women want and live in now as it's easier to wear. More prints, colours, fabrics and coatings will still be popular for a long while I'm sure. So many brands have done everything possible for jeans, so I am not sure what can come next. They would probably have to re-visit older trends and update them rather than bring in new ones.

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Nice post Jonathan!

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I see the fits to stay skinny for the time as people are really not fraying away from it at all and I am totally okay with that! Possibly more out-of-the-box jeans similar to some of G-Star's designs; different pocket placement, extra pockets, zippers, etc.


We shall see soon!

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very good post, pretty much spot on i think. i can not believe the flares i used to wear (we all used to wear!) when i first joined here (i am male). i am very happy with the skinny/straight/taper look now for men.

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It's nice
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Great timeline, pretty accurate from what I can recall. And I agree with Phukette, I can't see skinny jeans going anywhere. Fitted pants will continue to be in style for men, and tighter-fitting pants for women. It just shows off the curves in a good way!

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This is awesome! I think that because trends have been changing so much and there are so many options out there people are starting to go for jeans that work with their body types. Denim has gotten pretty crazy lately with all of the colors and patterns --  It will definitely be interesting what becomes popular next!

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