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larkee vs larkee-t

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Does anyone know the difference between these two cuts?  I'm considering getting 68z in larkee-t but am not able to try it on. i have a pair of larkee's and they fit great. what is the difference in the leg opening between the two. is that the only difference?


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i think larkee-t was a slim fit jeans so much skinner then normal larkee but iam not sure.

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They both fit the same around the thigh,and waist. The difference is the hem width (Hence the name Larkee-T (Larkee Tapered). Larkee-T has the tightest hem's I've tried on.

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How do the Larkee-T fit in comparison to the Tepphar.....I'm looking at the 68z and wondering what the best fit for me will be in this wash?  I am a bigger guy and fit into size 34 (6ft 3in tall and 96kg) in most larkee, viker-r-box, zathan, safado etc...

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