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Every October comes around and it seems as though every retailer has some sort of pink or breast cancer awareness merchandise to offer, but it makes me wonder, if the items for sale are actually benefiting the cause and how much actually goes towards the cause. Is releasing a special edition product with a benefit attached to it, just another way for companies to profit? Many companies rarely disclose the actual money contributed to the cause, leaving the impact and benefit of such endeavors open for question.


While there are Feed Bag and Tom's shoes, which are more transparent about their donations, explicitly outlining the benefits of the product (ie the purchase of a pair of shoes provides one for a child in need) are they more effective in raising money and awareness for their causes?

What do you think of companies releasing clothing and other products to benefit foundations or causes? Are you more likely to buy something if the proceeds benefit something or do you think it's just another way for retailers to make money?